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Elisabetta Piccolotti: “I have rotten dirt on me. The male chauvinistic system turns women into tinsel. My candidacy? The party will decide

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A representative of the National Secretariat of the Italian Left responds to the accusations: “The famous sole college was not created for me, but for Ilaria Cucci and Abubakar Sumahoro, and I am very happy about this. I thank the hundreds of people who expressed their solidarity with me, remembering my 24 years of political commitment and passion, all outside Parliament and regardless of my marriage to Fratoianni.”

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“The famous single-member college was not for Elisabetta Piccolotti: there were two of them, for Ilaria Kukki As well as Abubakar Sumahoroand I’m very happy about it. I thank the hundreds of people who expressed solidarity with me, remembering my 24 years of political commitment and passionall outside the parliament e except my marriage to Fratoianni”. He writes about this on Facebook Elisabetta Piccolotti of the national secretariat of the Italian left, after controversy on social networks and some right-wing newspapers over the hypothesis of his candidacy.
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According to critics, the result of his marriage to leader Xi Nicola Fratoianni.

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“To everyone else, I would like to say only one thing,” continues the representative of the SI, “believing what some right-handers, Rentians and five-star champions write, you can end up – sometimes unwittingly – playing the role of useful idiots of the media and authorities of this country. System male chauvinist As well as sexistbased on destroying the value and history of women and reducing them to the tinsel of men. You want to know if I will apply for proportional? I thought about it a lot yesterday, but not because I’m worried about the wave. rotten dirt rained on me, but because instead I’m worried that this filth might hurt what I care about the most, what I’ve dedicated my whole life to: the left, ecology, and the community of men and women who, with so much effort and many victims fought to ensure that our proposals have an autonomous and strong representation. It is them that I do not want to harm in any way, and that is why the choice is theirs. He decides National Assembly my party if I am useful or on the way if I apply and where, as always has been. They will decide not two men in a room and they will judge if my profile is useful in increasing the consensus on our list. This is how it is done in collective experiences: not me, but we.”

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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