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Scampia, where income is also a barrier for clans: “The yellow card got people out of the store. Here, either you live on the air, or crime “- video

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“I am a widow, I am 56 years old, my husband was a street vendor, I have no pension. If my citizenship income is taken away, what should I do?”. The fear of losing the only means of subsistence can be read in the eyes of those who haveyellow card’ found the minimum value. Like Anna, her “replenishment”, as she is called here, is 680 euro. “I spend money on rent and purchases,” he tells ilfattoquotidiano.it, “I have a daughter who lives outside the country, and she cannot help me with what she earns.” Its history is identical to the history of thousands of people. And Scampia after the vote. One that represents two faces of the same suffering. On the one hand, there are recipients of citizenship income who fear the measure’s reversal, as was already feared in the election campaign of the new center-right government, and on the other, former recipients. For them, the nightmare of losing the subsidy has already become a reality, not because of the choices that the future Meloni government will make, but because of the changes included in Draghi Executive Budget Law approved in December 2021.

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“Income from citizenship after 3 years it took more people away from drugstore areas that the judiciary for 40 years blitz – he says Ciro Crownassociation president (Resistance which coordinates inmates and ex-prisoners working in community service – however within a few months as a result of changes made in my association they all lost it because it stops when you encounter a person who has committed criminal offenses in the last 10 years . But there is only three years of income, continues the Crown, obviously this change cuts out all those people who had problems with justice in the recent past and decided change the life. RDK for these people represented opportunity not to commit a crime waiting to find a real job.”

The changes were made to stop sensational cases such as crediting income to the wives of bosses and bosses, affiliates still pursuing a “career”, or other people who received them fraudulently. And quite a few were revealed, in the province of Naples, the support measure was canceled over 2,000 people. “But among these people who made mistakes in the past and had the opportunity to change their lives thanks to their income, there are also cases like mine,” Salvatore, a former earner, tells us, “I was paid 18 months, then they have this for me removed for robbery which I committed 9 years ago and for which I have already served 6 years in prison. In Scampia, among the so-called “csmurfs”(Where the base of the store was) and the most famous Sails, it is easy to meet those who have already lost income. “In such an area,” one lady explains, “it is easier to fall into the hands of the clans than to find a decent job, here either you live in the air or you live in crimeincome gave these people a chance, which is why I voted for M5S in the last election.”

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In Naples, in the last round of elections, the feat of pentastellati took place, which in Scampia reached 65% preference. “It doesn’t surprise me that the Movement has so many votes here,” he tells us. Nicola Nardellapresident of the eighth municipality of Secondigiano \ Scampia – what strikes me the most is that it was about an exchange of votes, I would define it vow of poverty because the RDC represented an escape from suffering and did so after 40 years of politics having come here just to build electoral bridges. Now there are those who are surprised that people massively voted for those who did something specific for them, they were free not to vote and still received income from citizenship.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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