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Lega, Salvini at the provincial congress of Bergamo between autonomy and presidential power: “We will rule for 5 years and return to the first batch”

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“We are here to stay for 5 years, not for a while. I warn journalists who are trying to divide the majority: with Georgia and Silvio, we will rule with love and harmony for the next 5 years, not a minute less. May Renzi, Letta and Kalenda rest in peace.” This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility Matteo Salvini during the provincial congress of the League, which was held in Bergamo. Salvini then added: “My goal is not to earn a few percentage points, but for the League to be the first side again in this country.” Then he talked about autonomy, about the provinces and did not regret Di Maio: “Now he will go to represent Italy in the Persian Gulf. Well, not on my behalf, not on your behalf, and not on behalf of the current government, if it existed.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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