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Madeira Government promotes campaign for efficient energy management

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Campaign Connect! Produce Your Energy” launches on Monday and warns of “small everyday gestures.”

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Campaign Connect! Produce Your Energy” launches on Monday and warns of “small everyday gestures.”

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The Government of Madeira (PSD/CDS-PP) will launch an information campaign on good governance and energy conservation, which will recommend the installation of photovoltaic systems in homes and businesses, the island’s head of government said this Sunday.

Program Connect! Produce Your Energy” begins on Monday and warns of “small everyday gestures” that at the end of the month could mean “significant reductions in consumption” and therefore costs for families – the target audience of the action – and for the enterprise.

The Regional Secretariat for Economic Affairs, the organization responsible for the project, explains in a statement that one of the most effective measures is the installation of photovoltaic systems, which can lead to savings of up to 50% in energy consumption.

Another recommendation is to regulate the temperature of indoor air conditioning equipment to a maximum of 19°C in winter and a minimum of 25°C in summer.

It is also suggested that air conditioning systems remain off when the space is not in use and, on the other hand, doors and windows should remain closed when the air conditioning system is on.

“In addition to this, it is proposed to turn off interior lighting when the premises are not in use and / or during non-working hours, as well as to promote greater use of natural light through glazed openings, skylights or lights, reducing lighting turned on,” the message says.

Other offerings from Liga-te! Produce Your Energy” advocates the use of LED lighting, which can reduce energy consumption by up to 80%.

“Essentially, the main goal of this campaign is to raise consumer awareness of the need and benefits of energy efficiency in simple terms, as well as induce behavioral change, reduce waste or inefficient energy consumption, and show that small changes in routine can lead to significant reductions in consumption and costs. as well as improving the quality of the environment,” explains the Secretariat of the Economy.

The Government of Madeira, which approved the Precautionary Plan for Energy Saving and Rationalization for 2022-2024 in October, also warns of “foreseeable difficulties in the supply of natural gas” arising from the current global situation, recalling that this vector is “relevant”. in natural gas production. Regional Energy”.

Program Connect! Produce your energy”, as well as the measures presented by the Regional Secretariat for Economics, follow the working group formed by the Regional Directorate for Economics and Land Transport (DRETT), the Electricity Company of Madeira (EEM) and the Regional Agency for Energy. Energy and Environment of the Autonomous Region of Madeira (AREAM).

Source: Observador

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