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Prison guard strike threatens to leave prisons ‘without a team’

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Union body lamented lack of career prospects and lack of recognition

Getty Images/EyeEm

Union body lamented lack of career prospects and lack of recognition

Getty Images/EyeEm

The Allied Association of Chiefs of Prison Guards (ASCCGP) is conducting an all-out strike this Monday demanding a new professional charter, bonuses and other demands, warning that the protest is leaving prisons “uncommanded”.

ASCCGP President Hermínio Barradas assured the Lusa news agency that the shutdown would be complete and “for the first time since April 25, 1974. Portuguese prisons will be left without leaders and without command“Because there will be no minimum services, unlike what happened on the first day of the strike, last Friday.

With Monday’s strike, “the scenario will be different and unprecedented” and chains could be “drift and commandless” in feature distribution, he said.

In a statement of reasons for the strike, the ASCCGP stated inertia, apathy and disregard for the Ministry of Justice about the problems of the penitentiary system” and criticized “the government’s option to continue to ignore the presence of an unprecedented (…) shortage of (…) personnel, undesirable and risky.”

The goals of the strike, according to the trade union, are aimed at creating a new professional charter that regulates the evaluation of the performance of prison guards, opening competitions for all categories, paying bonuses for guarding prisons and solving structural problems in the prison system.

condemning “poor working conditions”as well as “low and disproportionate” salaries, the union also lamented the lack of career prospects and lack of recognition.

For this reason, he considered the intervention of the executive branch necessary, despite the registration of “permanent functional humiliation” by the guardianship.

Source: Observador

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