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Bonacchini declares war on the currents of the Democratic Party: “I don’t want their support.” But former Renzians have already jumped on his bandwagon en masse.

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Starting his own race, the aspiring secretary takes on the factions within the party by speaking to the youth. But Graziano Delrio and Eugenio Giani, two “reformists” of the ancient faith who are very close to the leader IV, are listening to him in Campogallano. And the first endorsements come from the excellent trumpeters of the last elections, those same Renzian Andrea Marcucci and Alessia Morani. A few hours later, the Emilian governor changes his tone: “It’s not a war with the currents.”

“I won’t ask no current from support me and I won’t need support any current. We can no longer afford to select the ruling classes through the currents, that’s enough.” In the speech that launched him into running for the Democratic Party Secretariat, Stefano Bonacchini he identified a very specific enemy: groups within the party who should represent different cultural areas (except that they should deal primarily with position management and power). “I don’t never subscribed current and I want to tell the younger ones: all the same, life is very good, I would even say better. Trust me, this is also the only way to truly be a community. Otherwise, why would a volunteer sit on unity partydistribution of leaflets or participation in any event?” insisted the governor of Emilia-Romagna, telling the club about his campogalian, near Modena. Pulling out homo novuswith an accent almost griglini, who, however, pretends to ignore the fact: far from “anti-systemic” and the expression of the basis, the candidacy of Bonacchini, but this is the goal that one of the scolded currents has been working for years. And this reformist basisa group that unites the followers of Matteo Renzi who remained in the ranks of the Democrats, the most prominent representatives of which are former ministers Lorenzo Guerini As well as Luke Lottie (Feedingly excluded from the lists in the last elections at the choice of Enrico Letta).

Not to mention something else, suffice it to note that among the audience of Campogallano – the place chosen to convey the idea of ​​a local party – there were two “activists” not quite first hair. One Gratiano Delrio, former mayor of Reggio Emilia, leader of the group for three years, twice minister and a very powerful shadow man of Renzi during his reign. A few months ago, he abandoned the project of consolidating his personal space (“Democratic Community”) in order to move closer together with Deborah Serracchiani, exactly in the current Guerini. Then there was the governor of Tuscany Eugene Jani, another old “reformist” who has always gravitated towards the Renzian region. It was the very first public endorsement of Bonacchini’s race: “Leadership has won on the field among the citizens, defeating the right several times thanks to the specificity of the programs. Come on StevenI’m with you!” Shortly thereafter, the former leader of the group in the Senate walks out. Andrew Marcucci, another excellent electoral victim, always considered – along with Lotti – the fifth column of the Rencian party in the party: “The performance of the candidate Stefano Bonacchini was excellent. The vocation of the majority, internal pluralism, but betting on currents, a new management team with mayors: conditions relaunch of the Democratic Party. The president of the Emilia-Romagna region undoubtedly positions himself central stage“. Said by the face-symbol of the current, this is a good certificate of respect. Finally here Alessia Moranialso from a reformist base, also killed by Letta: “That voice, broken by emotions, that “dreams are also needed” and that “let’s go, we will return our space.” Let’s get back to the road with Stefano Bonacchini,” she tweeted excitedly.

In short, the first enthusiastic reactions to the idea of ​​Bonacchini as secretary come – and only – from former Rentian colonels looking for revenge. On the other hand, it was Renzi who first saw the potential of the Modena politician, nominating him as a candidate for the presidency of the region after a court scandal that led to his resignation. Vasco Errani. The love correspondence between them never stopped: this summer, the leader of the IV invited Letta to choose Bonacchini as a candidate for the post of prime minister, and in return he nominated him “friend“. Now, however, the aim of the aspiring secretary is to be perceived as independent from the political sphere that has supported him until now, at the cost of even a slight exaggeration. And indeed, less than four hours after he launched anathemas against the current, he is on television from Lucia Annunziata and adjust the tone: “The currents themselves are not necessarily bad, but in recent years they have become more of a territorial presence for the ruling classes, who, out of loyalty, have also come to parliament. Topic this is not a war currents, but be free to express your ideas.” How far Bonacchini manages to stand out can be seen from the path that will lead to the convention, and, in particular, from the composition lists of candidates the people’s assembly that they would support him. Are they full of fresh energy or “reformists” in search of new glory?

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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