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Parliament starts work from the last week of the OE for 2023.

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  • 21.11, 10:15
    Santos Silva thanks Jeronimo: “The doors are always open for strong friendship.” Il and Chega do not applaud

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  • Santos Silva thanks Jeronimo: “The doors are always open for strong friendship.” Il and Chega do not applaud

    The work of this first day of discussion and voting on the OE for 2023 in the specialty begins now.

    But first, a moment of farewell: after approving the request of Jeronimo de Souza to resign from the mandate and replacing him with Duarte Alves, Augusto Santos Silva leaves a few words to the now former leader of the PCP.

    “I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jeronimo de Souza, a member of this Assembly for decades,” he says, referring to the member’s “cordiality and personal friendliness known to all,” who “has made many friends in this room.” but also “appreciates his political contribution” to the “live debate”.

    “Stay here with many friends and, taking advantage of the track record that has always enriched us, resorting to popular wisdom: strong friendship, the doors are always open.”

    All leftists applaud, as do most of the SDP. Neither Il nor Chega applaud.

  • The government’s proposal received its first green light from the majority (as well as from the deputies Livre and PAN) on 27 October in a general vote. You can recall this dispute in this paperback text:

    2023 Budget Debate in Pocket

  • Record number of amendments in debate and vote

    After the debate as a whole and the hearing of the ministers and other subjects that must be heard in the budgetary process by the Assembly of the Republic, the deputies proceed to the final stage of work.

    During this week, each morning will be discussed in plenary session, and in the afternoon – item by item vote on the proposed budget law and amendment proposals submitted by the parties. A new record for amendment proposals was set this year, with more than 1,800 proposals submitted.

    OE2023: Parliament starts ‘marathon’ to complete budget vote

  • Good morning!

    Debate on the State Budget for 2023 begins this morning. The final global vote is scheduled for Friday, the day the work on the Budget Budget is finalized, which will come into force on January 1. An observer will be here to follow the debate and voting throughout the week.

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