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Lega, “Marcato Affair”: Special clause disqualifies Zaya’s man from running for Veneto leadership. But Salvini swears: “He can run.”

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The new convention statute prohibits anyone who holds the position of councilor or regional councilor, but not a mayor or parliamentarian, from being elected provincial secretary. A rule that seems designed specifically to thwart the ambitions of the “bulldog” commissioner, a proud opponent of the Salvin League. But the minister, who arrived in Venice, is trying to defuse the situation: “There are no incompatibilities, everyone can apply for what they want.”

Minister of Infrastructure Matthew Salvini going to Piazza San Marco to Venice open the glass partitions, which should protect the basilica and its mosaics from high waters. However, the move to Veneto also serves him to try to defuse what could be a ticking time bomb in advance in a complex relationship between Venetian leagues As well as Lombards, between Liga Veneta and Lega per Salvini Premier, in a congress season that is in danger of escalating. “Ligists” actually suspect that the clause of the law incompatibility was introduced specifically to prevent the commissioner from running for regional leadership Robert Marcato, a longtime resident of the Po Valley and very loyal to Governor Luca Zaya. In the background is the clash, now chronically hidden and destined never to occur, between Zaya and Secretary Lumbard. Asking to celebrate the conventions, Zaya decided stay by the window compared to Salvini’s political line, after fiasco in the elections, which, moreover, also concerned the League in Veneto, which fell to 14 per cent, while the Brothers of Italy more than doubled it. The base, on the other hand, spared no criticism for the party’s disappointing results, mitigated – in terms of the number of deputies elected – only by a decidedly favorable pre-election deal with allies of the Brothers of Italy and Forza Italia. .

The Veneto Congress becomes a place of confrontation between the two souls of the Northern League. Salvini holds the party in his hands thanks provincial commissioners personally appointed by him, but tends to make a low hand secretaries provincials who will soon have to replace them. In this way, he hopes to control Congress so that the current commissioner is appointed secretary. Alberto Stefanihis being. However, the shadow of Marcato looms in his path, who has made no secret of his intention to run for the Veneto region for a couple of years now. However, he recently stumbled upon a provision in the statutes that forbids the election of provincial party secretary by those who hold leadership positions. adviser or regional councilor. Incompatibility does not exist for other members of the League of the North, holding positions ranging from mayor to parliamentarian. Only the regional level is not taken into account. For this, there is a stipulation custom to frustrate Marcato’s ambitions.

The latter is an optimistic and impetuous politician, not without reason called “bulldog”. A few days ago he gave a very threatening interview to Salvini. “The National Council of La Liga unanimously asked to change the rules of the provincial congresses. elimination of incompatibility which were provided only and exclusively for regional advisers and assessors,” he said. Adding: “If I am not allowed to run for the regional secretariat, this will mean that I will run for federal secretariat League”. A tasteful statement about a captain who intends to come to the federal convention as the undisputed leader, ready to be reappointed, perhaps with approval.

To avoid shadows or denunciations that aggravate differences with the Venetians, in front of the Basilica of San Marco Salvini is written: “No incompatibilities”. To the objection of local journalists that in fact there is a completely new regulation, completed on October 4 by a working group coordinated by Roberto Calderoli, he replied: “There are no incompatibilities, everyone can apply for do what he wants and wherever he wants. Thus, it seems that the obstacle does not exist, and if there is, then it is doomed to failure. Luca Zaia took the opportunity to comment: “I have always said this and I think there is no problem. In fact, as a regional executive we asked for exceptions so that everyone is entitled.” In response, adviser Marcato: “I am glad that Secretary Salvini agrees to my request, but now we need regulatory change Federal Council.”

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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