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Primary Pd, currents line up: Guerini with Bonacchini, Franceschini and Orlando with Schlein (which gives a very detached view)

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With the Emilian governor is the entire reformist base, the current of the former Rentians, led by Guerini and Lotti, as well as the “Orfinians” and people close to Delrio. Instead, the entire left wing of the party should converge on his deputy, gravitating around Nicola Zingaretti and Goffredo Bettini, as well as the followers of Deputy Secretary Peppe Provenzano. Mayor of Florence considered a potential contender, but may converge on Schlein

Stefano Bonacchini says that he does not need the support of the currents, but the former Rentians from reformist basisled by former ministers Lorenzo Guerini As well as Luke Lottie. And other Democratic Party colonels are also preparing to send in troops in view of the Feb. 19 primary, which will crown a new secretary. Already (almost) confident candidates – former Minister of Infrastructure Paula DeMicheli and above all, the newly elected deputy Ellie Schlein, until yesterday the vice-president of Bonacchini in Emilia-Romagna, on which the entire left wing of the party must converge. That is, the area around which it gravitates Nicola Zingaretti As well as Goffredo Bettinibut also the followers of the deputy secretary Pepe Provenzano and those from Brando Benifeihead of the delegation in Brussels.

With Bonacchini, in addition to the supporters of the reformist Baza, the “Young Turks” Matthew Orfiniwhile local administrators of a certain weight, such as the Tuscan governor, have already given their approval Eugene Jani and Mayor of Bergamo George Gorey. The nomination for governor in Campogalliano, a small town in the province of Modena, was also attended by an influential former minister Gratiano Delriothat will bring another piece of consensus as a dowry. But Bonacchini will be against two out of three leaders from the main streams: Andrew Orlando (who thinks whether to run himself or support Schlein) and above all Dario Franceschiniwho, with his AreaDem, seems ready to support the leader of Occupy Pd.

One of the biggest question marks is what will he do Dario Nardella, the mayor of Florence, who is considered one of Bonacchini’s possible rivals, but may converge on Schlein (and receive the presidency of the party in return). Then comes the unknown South: it remains to be seen what the governors will do Vincent DeLuca As well as Michele Emiliano, have not decided whether to agree in their votes on Schlein or try to “break” the presidential candidacy from the Campania. And it is not yet known what position the outgoing secretary will take. Enrico Letta, considered close to the deputy (like Romano Prodi), but probably not taking sides. Meanwhile up Republic Ilvo Diamanti’s poll appears, which shows how the open-ended question “who would you like to see as the new leader of the Democratic Party?” 32% respond to the name Bonacchini (+6% compared to last month) vs.eight% which is expressed for Schlein (-1%).

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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