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Bettini on La7: “Part of the Democratic Party is critical of the current economic model. Anyone who accuses you of wanting to return to communism is simply lying.”

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Sharp invective of the representative Pd, Goffredo Bettiniwho is the owner “omnibus” (A7) present your latest book “To the left. From the beginning” (Edited Paper first), defines accusations of communism against the democratic wing with a capitalist economic model as “false”. “In Pd,” notes Bettini, “there is a part that takes a position, I would not say apologetic, but condescending towards development as such. There is acceptance of things as they are. Then there is another part of the Democratic Party that is critical. Today on Newspaper there was a big page where I’ve been abused with so many wrong and malicious things. The critical part of the Democratic Party is not that it wants to go back to communism. They all this is some nonsensecommunism is no more. But where are the communists in the world? Even China it is a country that is very difficult to define as communist. Where is this danger of communism? Anyone who says that the critical part of the Democratic Party wants to return to communism, in fact does not even want criticism of the state of affairs and does not accept any hesitation, because he is considered a communist.

Bettini hopes for a Democratic convention where there will be “clear and undisguised opposition between political lines,” adding: “We are the Democratic Party and, as they say, whoever loses does not grumble. So, let there be a convention where the exact choice will be discussed and made, not based on hints like “I am a reformist.” The word “reformist”, so-called, does not mean anything anymore, because everyone says so. We have to give first and last name. Currents? he continues, “I’ve been fighting the tide since 2011, with my book “Out of Parties”. But for many years I remained alone in this post. Today the battle is fought by those who frequent the currents, and the currents have expressed this several times in Parliament. I only know 4 or 5 leaders of the Democratic Party who have shown consistency instead. Therefore, lessons must be done with caution.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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