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The receiving lottery is becoming instantaneous and the government is encouraging it. Meloni said, “If you participate, they will evaluate whether you are spending money immorally.”

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The draft budget law, which is expected on Monday evening in the Council of Ministers, features a new tax credit for the technical adaptation of telematic registrars precisely for the purpose of introducing an instant draw, already provided for by the resolution of the PNRR of June last year. The evolution of the anti-black measure was proposed by the Treasury Department’s Finance Department in a report to guide government action to reduce billing evasion.

Government melons except for last minute surprises, it won’t cancel check lotterypart of the “Cashless Italy” plan conte government 2really intends to encourage its restart. Which will go through the introduction of instant prizes, making the anti-black measure look like a scratch card, using the love of Italians for games and bets. In drafts budget law is expected on Monday evening in the Council of Ministers there will be a new tax credit fortechnical adaptation of telematic recorders precisely for the purpose of introducing an instant lottery, already provided for by the decision of the NPP from June last year.

The confirmation was far from obvious, given that the measure was determined by the prime minister.moron”, and at the end of 2020, when registration began, he wrote on Facebook:“ If you pay by credit card and so let me know Conte, Casalino, Di Maio, Gualtieri, the tax agency and the state, as they are your habits, what you like, what you buy, from whom and at what time, then you participate in the “state lottery” (that is, paid by you too). Then Conte, Casalino, Di Maio, Gualtieri, the tax office and the whole state. they will be able to assess whether you are spending “immorally” or if you are a socially acceptable citizen. Is your freedom worth so little? Send these to hell beggars what we have in government and do not register in this humiliating gameshow them that Italians don’t sell their dignity and their freedom at a good price, unlike those who rule over us.”

As you know, as early as June 2021, the government dragons canceled another “branch” of the cashless plan, cash back state that guaranteed the return of a maximum 150 euro semi-annual and 1500 euro for 100 thousand large users kart. In six months, 7.8 million users participated in a total of 736 million transactions, of which 119 million were less than 5 euros. Insiders (as well as several members of the executive branch) admittedpositive effect in stimulating the use of electronic money, increasing the traceability of payments. then Minister of Economy Daniel Franco however, he believed that the costs (about 3 billion per year) were excessive compared to the benefits. An estimate later confirmed in “Connection to guide government action to reduce non-billing evasion” published by the Finance Department of the Treasury in late 2021, stating that “it is not possible to establish a clear causal relationship between the incentives envisaged and the tax evasion reduction”, as there is no no evidence that the impact on electronic transactions was greater in sectors where there is a greater propensity for avoidance.

On the contrary, the report itself, containing a number of proposals to help achieve Pnrr’s goal of reduction of the tax gap – promoted the lottery by offering restart it and seduce me consumers participate, representing even the gods instant rewards with smaller prizes and automatic entry via e-money and apps instead of the cumbersome system of providing a lottery code every time. Political goodness came last summer, at the conversion stage Decree Poland: now only providing the directorCustoms agency in agreement withRevenue Agency, designed to determine the techniques and essence of the prizes. It will be approved as soon as possible, by January at the latest.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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