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Renzi and the backstory of Draghi bis: “The Democratic Party was against it. Franceschini wanted to go to the vote, he said: we will let Di Maio devastate 5 stars.

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In an updated edition of Il Mostro, his book published by Piemme, Italy’s living leader returns to the hours immediately preceding the end of Draghi’s reign on July 20 in the hall of the Palazzo Madama. And he claims that it was the Democrat who blocked the way for the new leader, headed by the President of the ECB.

It was Democratic Party do not want the birth of a new government Mario Draghi. He supports it Matthew Renzi in updated edition Monster, his book published by Piemme. leaderItaly live returns to the hours immediately preceding the end of Draghi’s reign on July 20 in class Madame Palace. “After 5 star movement announced that he would not vote on trust management Correctly distances himself from himself. League As well as Come on Italy they don’t want the Grillini ministers to stay inside (…). Even if the right doesn’t vote for confidence, it’s all over and we’re going to vote,” writes the former secretary Pdin advances issued Corriere della Sera. “If I want to do something,” Renzi continues, “I have to move. I go to Minister Giorgetti in class. I try: “Giancarlo, you know better than me that autumn will be difficult. If we send Draghi home, it will be worse for whoever rules. For you too’. “I understand, but what can be done now?” I tell him: “Try to convince your people,” pointing to (…) Salvini. “If he really says yes to Draghibis, I will try to convince the Democratic Party.”

At that moment, it seemed that Lega was ready to give birth. new leader has always been led by a former president of the ECB. “Giorgetti climbs the stairs, chats with Salvini for a few minutes. Then they turn. Salvini nods to me what is he on Draghi bis is and Giorgetti comes down the stairs to confirm it. In fact, he is not happy. (…) But the first step has been taken: the League exists. And if there is a League, Forza Italia can only be there.” It was at this point, again according to Renzi’s account, Pd is slipping. On behalf of the Democratic Party, the Minister of Culture says: “Stop Franceschini, I see that he is skeptical:” we better let it be right to run into the end of the Dredge. And then you go to vote. We will run an election campaign fully tuned to bring back the dragons and we’ll leave it Di Maio devastated 5 stars’. “But are you sure, Dario? Two months and summer in between. This country has memory of a hamster, no one remembers what happened last week and you think that someone will give you (…) credit for Draghi? That you allied with the leftists who were against Draghi. And where do you think Di Maio will go? He doesn’t move anything. He has no voting rights’.

In fact Franceschini’s prediction was sensationally wrong: Draghi’s return proved to be an unsuccessful strategy for Enrico Lettawhich virtually eliminated references to the old executive power in the final part of the election campaign, while, as is well known, Civil Society Engagement, the list created by Di Maio after splitting from the M5s didn’t even reach a percentage point. However, according to Renzi, Franceschini It was closed the door of Draghi bis: “Okay, what’s the alternative? We cannot stay in government with the League and without the grillini,” the former minister would say, according to Renzi. Who, as you know, had the opposite opinion: “Better to stay in government with the League and no grillini than in three months to see a government with the League and Prime Minister Georgia Meloni,” I say. But I understand that the road goes uphill.

Renzi also talks about meeting Draghi: “We are both in the courtroom. I am writing to him. We make eye contact. I go out first so no one notices. (…) “Mario, there is only one way to leave the game open. (…) Take the floor and announce that go and resign without waiting for a vote. And at this moment, consultations are taking place, and most political forces indicate dragons bis for 10 months, from now until May 2023. There will be a new government headed by you, and the grillini will be in opposition.” But even the former prime minister did not seem to agree to his stay in Palazzo Chigi: “Draghi does not seem convinced at all,” Renzi writes, “I feel like someone who wants to convince others, but remains alone. (…) The government is not trusted Come on ItalyLeague and 5 stars. Draga’s experience is over. (…) The one who won the game without playing it, Georgia Meloni“. The leader of Italia viva therefore says that he always maintained a personal dialogue with the head of the FDI: “At 21.38 I am on TV with Tg1. But will you stop appearing on television? No one votes for you anyway,” Meloni writes to me. “I have to get 5% to oppose the new government,” I jokingly answer. Laughter and emoticons. Then I get serious: “But this is unbelievable: they all work for you.” She is laughing: ‘You are the only one missing’. Of course! We need someone who will stay to form a real opposition: it’s up to us.”

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