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Antitrust fines Edison $3.8 million for unfair business practices and $5 million for Wind for activating paid services

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According to the agency, the energy group implemented “misleading perspectives and omission of relevant information about the price and economic convenience of the advertised offer in order to noticeably distort the economic behavior of the average consumer regarding the services offered.” The telephone company, on the other hand, was fined for increasing the monthly price of users’ data plan by at least 2 euros (against offering additional gigs) without their consent.

In order 3.8 million Euroantitrust per Edison. The government discoveredunfair commercial practicescarry out “by deceptive prospects as well as omission of relevant information regarding price and availability of the advertised offer, materially misrepresent the economic behavior of the average consumer in relation to the services offered.” The authorities, as shown in the latest bulletin, also authorized Wind Three who will have to pay 5 million for automatic activation additional paid service to its customers who have a prepaid SIM card for voice and Internet. In particular, the company has increased the monthly cost by at least 2 euros tariff plan of users against the offer of an additional Giga, without the prior consent of the latter.

As for Edison, “the communication methods used,” writes the Antimonopoly Office in the Bulletin, “appear to be characterized by profiles deceit As well as inactionsince they are characterized, on the one hand,emphasis on discounts proposed by the energy component (the value of which is most often not indicated) and by bonuses provided depending on the type of signed offer, as well as the basic requirement convenience compared with protected market and, on the other hand, for premature belonging marketing costswhich, as already noted, are completely absent from advertising messages placed on the main page and on the central pages of the company’s website (at least in relation to the “Fix”, “World” and “Sweet” offers).

In particular, the Antimonopoly Committee noted the “lack of global energy price perspective what the end consumer will be required to support, as well as an objective and transparent description of the intended convenience.” Edison, concludes the authority, “well are aware of the impact on consumer choice by getting their attention in the so-called engagement phasethrough messages focused on presenting economic benefits, in part summarized in suggestive and underlined statements.”

The company claims that it has “always applied transparent and fully on all channels and promotional materials used in full compliance with consumer rights. They were guaranteed clear and comprehensive information about the features of each promotion and, in particular, about the relative costs and economic benefits, as well as the methods and conditions for applying the bonuses and discounts provided for them. Edison believes that the position of the Office “transfers objections of a purely ‘formal’ nature to messages distributed on marketing channels Edison Energia, without providing any assessment and appropriate reasons for the alleged violation of consumer rights” and reserves all actions for its own protection.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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