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Twitter, Musk announces new layoffs. But the site is starting to show serious content protection issues.

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Some users, taking advantage of poor surveillance, posted several entire films, including Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, with a series of two-minute clips in nearly 50 tweets, according to The Verge. Competitor Mastodon has 7 million subscribers

Every day new problems. The tumultuous start of Twitter’s management by new owner Elon Musk reserves daily surprises. Tesla patron who paid for the social network $44 billionannounced new layoffs in sales “rebalance the structure of the workforce”. Musk effectively halved his Twitter staff in one day by sending him home. 3700 people and inviting “survivors” to work tirelessly to ensure the revival of the company. An attitude that also caused many spontaneous resignations, especially among the most qualified figures, leaving the group without fundamental professionalism. Finally, the head of the French division said goodbye Damien Wil who today announced his resignation after 7 years.

Problems related to staffing shortages include holes that risk opening up in security and in the management and protection of platform content. According to a dedicated website edge, some users took advantage of bad surveillance release several films in their entirety, among which The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Driftt with a series of two-minute clips in nearly 50 tweets. Although Musk claims, without giving figures, that the social network has never had such high access as it does now, discontent is spreading among users. apple manager Philip Schiller he deleted his profile, created in 2008 and having 200,000 followers. Schiller, a well-known face of the company from Cupertino, participates in various keynotes, curates the App Store. Website Benefits mastodon, The platform is currently considered an alternative to Twitter. Mastodon reaches 7 million users sign up and just surpassed 2 million monthly active users. “People vote with their feet. The future of social media does not have to belong to the billionaire, it can be in the hands of their users,” the company said on Twitter.

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