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Conte: ‘Today’s proposal for a 600,000 tonne mega incinerator is a conservative force of the worst kind’

“Someone did not understand our battle onincinerator: this is also a matter of paramount importance for a progressive and completely ecological force: today the progressive force offering the 600,000 ton mega incinerator is a conservative force, but of the worst kind. Attacking the Democratic Party costs President M5s Joseph Conte, speaking at the conference “Construction site of ideas. Building a more just society”, promoted in the Senate at Palazzo Giustiniani by Senate Vice President Mariolina Castellone. “We will no longer be able,” he adds, “to agree to confront each other and allow ourselves to be infected, yes by dialogue, but nothing that could call into question our principles and our values. We respect the path of others, I believe that in the progressive sphere there may be other interpreters besides the historical ones, such as the Democratic Party, this is a party that has somewhat lost its driving force and today declares the need for a deep rethinking of the identity profile ep

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano



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