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Mother-in-law account, companies in Brazil and a luxurious life. How the requestor used 1.3 million running processes to his advantage

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One day, after sending an email to his female employees explaining the difficulties of the company he ran and the need to “get” money, although he asked them for a “secret”, Francisco Duarte, who became president of the Execution Association, bought two ballpoint pens for 296.60 euro and a ring for 2226.60. It was October 2014, and for more than a year Francisco Duarte had been ordering them to transfer money to his mother-in-law and his companies in Brazil, which was supposed to be related to the enforcement processes he was conducting. appeal while counsel. He was eventually arrested in 2015 on suspicion of embezzlement and is now sentenced to a one-time penalty of seven years in prison for crimes of abuse of power, embezzlement, money laundering, forgery, computer forgery and suspended from office for five years.

The strategy outlined by Francisco Duarte, a father of two from his first relationship and an adopted daughter from another relationship, was sent via email on October 30, 2014, with the subject line “Money”. “Violating this strategy could mean everything goes down the drain,” he wrote. A strategy that the employees heard in court followed even out of fear of the boss, who was even “aggressive”.

This was not the first time that Francisco Duarte had ordered transfers to third party accounts, including those of his mother-in-law. But this time, Francisco wanted the sums to be transferred daily until they reached the amount he needed to close the deal, he claimed, in Brazil, where he owned real estate companies.

The transfers that have now brought him to trial began in July 2013, hurting clients who were hoping to get money from collaterals like NOS, Credibanco or even BES, according to prosecutors’ investigation. But not to link a significant part of the amounts that were on “customer accounts” with the relevant enforcement processes, the transfer of amounts under their control was already an old practice, the public ministry accused.

Source: Observador

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