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Maneuver, reduction of petrol bonuses. Lollobrigida: “The blanket is short, we had to make a choice”

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Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty Francesco Lollobrigidaintercepted before entering the Council of Ministers and after the majority meeting, announced that bonuses to mitigate the increase in expensive fuel will be reduced. Gasoline and diesel at the gas station will cost more. “When the excise rebate kicked in, gasoline was much higher than current prices, so we somewhat short blanket from an economic point of view, we have to choose what to support, and we consider it necessary to support the work.” The minister then explained the interference with basic income. “We have to help those who cannot do it. We are now starting to work to be able to give signals, which means serious checks immediately, and then an adjustment time so that no one is left overnight without the possibility of food. How long, how many months? “Different months. People on the street? It will not happen. The revision of the income of a citizen will take place immediately,” repeated the owner of agricultural production, “then the “able-bodied” should have the right time to look for a job.” This is “the law of stability, which cannot meet all needs. The cover is very short,” the minister admitted, Lollobrigida admitted. Conte and Pd say they will take to the streets to defend “revenues”? “If Conte goes outside, we don’t mind“.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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