Home Economy He does not understand the post, but demands 7,000 euros in damages. The Crazy Compensation Factory Threatens Deputy Marchetti With Trouble

He does not understand the post, but demands 7,000 euros in damages. The Crazy Compensation Factory Threatens Deputy Marchetti With Trouble


A law firm that sends out photocopies of registered letters to seek compensation for social slurs against politicians is suing an elementary school teacher for a comment deemed libelous. Except for the need to apologize: he didn’t know who he meant. Victim of error: “Very serious business, I want to see it through to the end”

“compensation factoryFor resentful members of the Northern League, it got out of hand. Lawsuits are rolling in like thunder and you don’t know whether to call 115 or 118. The most incredible case has just happened to elementary school teacher Genoa, which received a claim for damages from 7 thousand eurosbut whoever does it will involve the League of the North and the former Vice President of the Justice Commission Riccardo Augusto Marchetti. Like Pillon, Lucidi, Golinelli and others, he turned to Virgili’s studio in Modena, the same one that claims to rehabilitate the “insulted reputation” of respected clients with the sound of money, only by paying which the authors of the posts considered defamatory. will see the threats disappear in order to take action against them in civil and criminal proceedings. The practice that fact he criticized not for holiness the right not to be offended The outside Socialas for the unscrupulous ways of doing it, “trawling” with a registered photocopy letter to turn an old comment considered offensive into earning opportunity. After negotiations on the amounts to be paid, which end with the imposition of privacy statement expressed. In short, shut up and pay. Without going to the judge.

The mass mailing of claims for damages, as happens in the best factories, is not free from “manufacturing errors.” some a lot absurd to reveal its not entirely fair, but predatory character. On July 29 last year, the venerable Riccardo Marchetti commented on his page. facebook news that all of Italy is talking about: the ferocious boy murder Nigerian in Civitanova Marche. Marchetti is also the Commissioner of the League in the Marche and has had his say: “When we move to government, this will not happen again.” A teacher from Genoa comments: “Who knows who this criminal will vote for”, clearly referring to the perpetrator of the murder, a 32-year-old Italian who was later arrested. But the law is known, it does not tolerate ignorance. Italian, unfortunately, yes.

Three months pass, and on October 31, the lady calls police post Genoa. The agents order her to go there for identification: in fact, she will discover thatMrs condemned her accusation of “aggravated libel” due to this comment. Confirmation of this the next day is a registered letter signed by a lawyer. George Virgili who informs the teacher that he has already filed a criminal case against her, asks her “for the time being to pay compensation for damages, as well as interest, revaluation and legal costs” 7 thousand euros. The letter warns that if there is no response within 8 days, “our client will be civilly sued.”

The lady no longer even remembers this comment, so she runs to read it again and finds it still there, verbatim: “Who knows who this criminal voted for‘, the only thing that’s changed is nine how which he has since received. She reads it again and is dumbfounded: even her elementary school students, in her opinion, could not misunderstand the topic and attribute the adjective “criminal” to the respected author of the comment, and not to the dishonorable criminal who actually committed the crime.

Sounds like a joke, but for a lady it’s a joke very serious matter. He immediately dials the number of a law firm in Modena, personally talks with a lawyer. George Virgili. He explains in detail to him that they caught a sensational crab: they reported the wrong person. The other doesn’t believe her at first, then opens the file and realizes not only the sensational mistake with which he dragged the wrong person into the gears of his lawsuit factory, but also the dishonest figure he risks making. his own client, in addition, heading the parliamentary commission on justice. A blow, this time true, to the politician’s reputation.

Mr Marchetti falling from the clouds. “But really? I didn’t know anything about it, I swear. If it’s as you say, I’m sorry to the lady. I relied on this study, which I know protects parliamentarians who are abused on social networks, I know that there are 15 lawsuits, but I’m certainly not doing this to make money off the skin of the wrong people, and indeed, I already said that if a penny comes in, I donate it to charity.I will immediately call for verification, including because the lawyer is acting on my behalf.”

However, the lawyer did not tell the client that he had already admitted the error with special chest confirmation that reads: “To confirm that the case against you will be finally initiated by the visa interpretation error in connection with your comment on Facebook. Considering his account to be reliable as to the traceability of the comment, I proceed to archive the file, waiving any claim against him.” The lawyer writes as if he is a judge that he can file, but it is the mail itself that explains to the victim of the error that this is not so. In fact the woman reported and is in every way investigated by the prosecutorthat is why it will not be enough to break the registered letter, because the release must be done formally, by appealing to the carabinieri, who will inform the public prosecutor about it.

With all this, the lady indicates that she had to consult with lawyersthat he lost two days and several sleepless nights because of this erroneous complaint, and he is not going to let her go. “Even today, I wonder what would have happened if this threatening registered mail had been opened by a person with a lower level of education, like my mother, who is in the fifth grade, or a more fragile person. Reading what the parliamentarian asks 7 thousand euros for a nail otherwise he will declare you in a civil court, there is a possibility that it will be worse for someonetake stupidity. I find all this unforgivable and will try my best to put an end to it, even if I have to. announce the honorable who, with reckless reasoning, indulged in this serious and absurd method of threatening lawsuits in order to get money, even if the person cannot understand Italian, to build subject, verb and predicate, as my children know. The OECD says our kids don’t understand what they read, but apparently neither do lawyers and politicians. It will be because we are a wonderful country. But apologies are not enough.”

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano


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