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Maneuver, Meloni: “Made a political choice.” Measures presented: abolition of income, choice by birth rate and families. And then a fixed tax


At a press conference, the prime minister announces a budget law in the amount of 35 billion euros, 21 of which is devoted to expensive bills. “Two Great Priorities: Growth and Social Justice.” But in the meantime, there is a dismantling of basic income: “For those who can work, it will be canceled at the end of next year, it cannot be earned for more than 8 months and it expires with the first job offer.”

“I am satisfied with the work done and the approach from the side balance habitual» maneuver. That is, “start with useful things e indispensable and we assume duty from these elections. Like this Georgia Meloni at a press conference, he states about the choice made in financial law: “This is not limited to the work of an accountant, but makes a political choice and presented by the government, which in just a month wrote and submitted a maneuver that follows and recalculates one vision politics”, – explained the prime minister. Stressing that (few) resources were focused on some a priority. At the heart of the maneuver, “which is considered common 35 billion euros there are two main priorities: growththat is, to fix the productive fabric”, and on the other hand, ” social justiceit means attention to families and ah low income”, explains Georgia Meloni, illustrating a maneuver that, however, is aimed at delete in basic income since 2024 and who forgets about measures against Work poorexpecting only a small reduction in the tax wedge.

Dear bills As it was announced, “the main item of expenditure of the maneuver concerns the issue of expensive accounts: energy reserves are about 21 billionit is clear that the two main choices concern i tax credits for companies for which a loan is granted, which is applied on a part of the increase that the companies made compared to the same period of the previous year. Then we confirm and increase credits from 40 to 45% for energy-intensive companies and up to 35% for low-energy women,” explains Meloni. “Another choice,” he adds, “concerns families. The state intervenes to calm the bills for families, first through I understand maximum 12,000 euros which we bring to 15 thousand euros. The audience for families is expanding, but it is clear that the measure is for those most in need, and it is valid. 9 billion euros“. On the energy front, the maneuver also calls for “expandingVAT till March gaspart of the resources goes to redefining the norm additional profit which overcomes some elements of the dispute. We will return about 2.5 billion and raise the tax rate from 25% to 35%”, says the prime minister.

Income – “We loyal our principles, we continue to protect those can’t workwe also add pregnant women, but for those who can work it will be canceled at the end of next yearcannot be taken for more than 8 months and expires at the first job offer. As such, Georgia Meloni has announced the abolition of basic income from the end of 2023, with the abolition for “able-bodied” and a general reform announced for the following year. “I see how political forces are calling for the square, anything, but I would like to know if the one who thought about it imagined it as an instrument of the state for serve people aged 18 to 60″, says Meloni, indirectly attacking M5s As well as Joseph With you. Then he adds: “There are people who take it from three yearsobviously it didn’t work or for some italians it should go endlessly. I believe that the state should take care of them and find work.”

Single tax – The maneuver containsthree fixed installments”, continues Meloni, moving on to flat tax. Among them, one “sui additional income for VAT numbers that have a flat tax fifteen% on the healthier achieved compared to the previous three-year period with a maximum threshold of 40 thousand euros, which indicates that this is a measure aimed at middle classwhich does not favor the rich and recognizes the sacrifices of those who work.” Meloni then reminisces about the flat tax increase in 85 thousand euros and “the introduction of a unified tax 5% for performance awards 3 thousand euros against the currently expected 10%.

Families – “Measures to a family As well as birth rate costs one and a half billion eurosa choice that doesn’t have many precedents. Single check increases by fifty% all for the first year of a child’s life, 50% for three years for families with many children. VAT on all products early childhood Will be in 5% and for non-compostable feminine hygiene products, the purchase of the first home for young couples has been confirmed,” says Meloni. “On the vacation parental: I always thought that many mothers can not afford it with thirty% belonging to pay. We haveOne month extra vacation added given80% and can be used as long as sixth year life. A sort of piggy bank of time, without being in difficult economic conditions, ”explains the prime minister. To which he then clarifies: in the context of measures relating to the uniform allowance, “we made an increase on i sons disabled person”a measure that may seem obvious”, but it was not, because it was “transitional”. I consider it necessary” to organize assistance to “disabled children”.

Pensions – “We will overestimate pensions” with “minimum wage”. 120%” but with a mechanism for increasing up to 2000 Euro and then “little by little the increase is reduced until pensions exceed 10 times the minimum, i.e. above i 5 thousand for which indexing ends with 35%”, – explained Meloni. “We decided to re-estimate the minimum pensions by 120%, the lowest pensions will have the greatest growth in relation to inflation,” the prime minister wanted to repeat.

Tax on plastic and sugar “We’re postponing entry into force plastic tax As well as sugar tax» one year. And added: “We introduce I good for work in agriculture and personal care, especially for housework up to 10 thousand euros. This is a sequencing measure. seasonal work As well as random which must be accompanied by very strict controls to avoid distortions.”

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