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income, Durigon put pressure on Radio24: “What will happen to those who cannot find work? They will look for him.” Q&A with the conductor

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Serrato Questions and Answers “24 am” (Radio24) between transmission conductor, Simona Spetiaand Deputy Minister of Labor, Claudius Durigon on new rules regarding basic income in maneuver Meloni government.
The League of the North proceeded from the fact that the main need of the new leader was expensive billstherefore, “softer actions” were taken against the other workhorses of the right in the election campaign.
Then the question about a hundred pistols, which Spetia addresses to a politician: “In August i 660,000 able-bodied people will lose their basic income. What will happen to these people if they don’t find a job?
Durigon replies: “Our interest is to educate them and try to give them a chance in the world of work, because objectively you can’t afford a basic income forever, the way M5s designed it. Like many other social shock absorbers, which, like Naspi, has a term, the main income can not be for life. I believe that encouraging, learning and giving a chance in the world of work is a priority and therefore we have made it our priority.”

“Yes,” replies Spetia, “but my question remains: are we moving towards a period inflationwhat will these people do if they don’t find a job?
“I ask him the same question for those who are in Naspi today replies Durigon, chatting about passive politics in Europe. “Any passive shock absorber cannot last forever, otherwise the person who perceives it will not return to the game.”
Spetia repeats: “Yes, but let me: I’m asking you about a really technical thing. Will these 660,000 people end up in Naspi if they don’t find work?
“Definitely not,” Durigon replies, “they will go into formation and they will look for work. I think it’s a duty, and we should give him the opportunity to meet supply and demand. The goal is to put them to work and take them to work because that is the right goal for the government to have.”
Spetia repeated for fourth time: “Yes, but I was asking about something else. What’s going on with these people?”

“Yes, I understand that, but she wants to “compress” the concept Durigon says. – But, unfortunately, I repeat, there are many passive politicians in Europe, because of which, not in August, but even in February, many people will be left without work. And so they need to be returned to the game. It’s a mentality, a culture that, because of the way the basic income was set, doesn’t fit.. They have to get back into the game to find work, and I’m convinced that many people can find work again.”
“I think you will check during these months,” the journalist notes, “to see how things are going and how to modulate this situation.”
“Of course,” Durigon replies, “we will be doing on-the-job training and other things. The abolition of basic income occurs only for those recipients who can return to work. However, for everyone else, it will remain. Italy has always had a social security policy, so for categories of people who cannot work, income will remain and indeed, we will also try to improve it“.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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