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Gazprom threatens again: “From Monday we will reduce gas flows to Europe through Ukraine”

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The statement was made in response to the fact that Kyiv allegedly withholds part of the methane intended for Moldova. The news sent prices up in the Amsterdam market, where gas is currently trading at EUR 119 per MWh (+3%).

As winter gets tougher, the Russian giant Gazprom threatens layoffs from Monday the next gas route passes through Ukraine, the last route of Russian gas to Europe. The announcement comes in response to the fact that Kyiv will keep part of the methane for itself heading to Moldova. “From 10:00 on November 28, Gazprom will begin to reduce the gas supply to the Sudzha GIS for transit through Ukraine by an amount equal to the daily shortfall,” Gazprom said on its channel. Telegramaccusing Kyiv of having so far mastered 52.5 million cubic meters of gas. About 42 million cubic meters of Russian gas passes through Ukraine every day. The news triggered a rise in prices in the Amsterdam market, where gas is now traded at EUR 119 per MWh (+3%).

Russian gas flows to European countries have been on a sharp decline for several months, mainly due to the Kremlin’s decision. In the center Tarvisio for some time now there has been almost no gas, and gas pipelines coming fromAlgeria (Translated) and fromAzerbaijani (Click). Now the warehouses of Italy and other European countries are full and there are an abundance of liquefied natural gas (LNG) cargoes carried by ships. For the winter of 2023, no major critical problems are foreseen at the moment, if we exclude the increase in electricity costs for families and businesses. As has been pointed out in the past, the real problems, if the war in Ukraine continues, will come next year.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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