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Gaetano Pecorella, Berlusconi’s former lawyer (and author of the laws on behalf of), CSM candidate: he is running for secular councilor

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The former MP for Forza Italia and the PDL presented his candidacy in view of the joint vote in the chambers on 13 December. Former chairman of the House Justice Commission, a law (later declared unconstitutional) bearing his name prohibits prosecutors from appealing acquittals. In 2008, he was proposed by a man from Arcore for the role of a constitutional judge, but this hypothesis was later withdrawn due to opposition from the Democratic Party and Italia dei Valori.

Gaetano Pecorella officially bidding for the next Supreme Council of the Judiciary. Former deputy of Forza Italia and Popolo delle Liberta, one of the historical lawyers of Silvio Berlusconi, presented his candidacy in connection with the election ten advisers “lay peoplewhich will be voted on by the Chambers meeting on 13 December (and will join the twenty “horns” elected by judges and prosecutors to their ranks in September). The famous Milanese criminal lawyer Pecorella was deputy per four legislatures in a row (1996 to 2012), President of the Commission of Justice and the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into the Waste Cycle. It bears his namesheep law”, approved under the third government of Berlusconi, which prevented prosecutors from appeal an acquittal: The rule, re-proposed by the leader of Forza Italia during the last election campaign, was declared unconstitutional by the Consulta. In 2004, he acknowledged the use of identity declaration laws for “let Berlusconi rule” by overcoming or staying legal proceedings against him. In 2008, he was proposed by the People of Freedom for the role constitutional judgethe candidacy is later withdrawn by a man from Arcore due to the opposition of Pd and Italia dei Valori.

Now, however, the former lawyer B. may seriously claim a place in the Palazzo dei Mareschiali, and perhaps not even as a simple adviser. The name of Pecorella, who at the end of his political career adhered to Civic Choice (the center party of Mario Monti) is actually capable of attracting, in addition to the votes of the centre-right, also Action As well as Italy live, thus reaching three-fifths of the required parliamentarians. And according to the curriculum, he could also apply for the post of vice-president of the Supreme Council, in which there will be a clear conservative and guaranteeing majority (seven out of ten laymen will be center-right, and 11 out of 20 Togatas belong to the “moderate” currents). “We will look for his name along with others who come,” says al did this Pierantonio Zanettin, team leader on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Last few days Made it turned out that another legal historian B., a Padua, selflessly applied for the position of adviser, although not formally Piero Longowho for this called the head of the group in the Senate Licia Ronzulli.

The need to register candidates is an innovation of the SCM electoral reform, signed by the former Minister of Justice. Marta Kartabiya: candidates for councilors or parliamentarians who want to nominate them must send by December 10self-certification requirements established by the Constitution, that is ordinary university professors in legal matters or (as in the case of Pecorella) lawyers at least since Fifteen years exercises. At 3:00 pm on November 21, there were 13 candidates: 12 lawyers and only one professor, Saverio Regasto, Professor of Comparative Public Law at the University of Brescia. The name is highlighted in the list Ivan Iaycriminal lawyer former lawyer for Angelo Becciu, a cardinal accused of embezzling Vatican funds: last summer he was “fired” by the cardinal’s family after photos on his Instagram profile of him posing on the beach in very tight bathing shorts were published Dagospi. But there is also a civil lawyer of Palermo Antonino Lo Prestianother name dating back to the Berlusconi government: he was an MP from 1996 to 2013 in the ranks of the National Alliance and had already run for the post of secular councilor in 2010, when, however, he was killed as a last resort because he was considered too close to Fini .

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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