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Spasio, Italian delegation in Paris at the ESA ministerial meeting: along with Urso (who does not speak English) also adviser to Giorgetti.

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The approach to the Paris event was received with some difficulty by the Meloni government. And not only for their mistakes. The lack of a clearly defined strategy during the interregnum of Colao-Firpo (Draghi’s government) strongly influenced the choice of a new leader, who in any case put his own into it: it was too late to delegate authority to the owner of the former Mize. , a delay that puts the sector in great strategic difficulty in the presence of France and Germany.

AT Cesarini areabut maybe not in time to really count on something. There Italian delegation ready to take part in the ministerialEuropean Space Agencyscheduled from today to Paris. A key destination for the continental and Italian space industries, given that investments already put pen to paper in the previous edition. Talk about almost 2.7 billion eurosas well as submit a European balance of the sector in which made in Italy represents absolute perfection. However, the approach to the Paris event was received with some dismay by government melons. And not only for their mistakes. Lack of one national strategy clearly defined during the interregnum Kolao Firpo (Draghi government) strongly influenced the choice of a new leader, who in any case took his time to reach ministerial Esa not in the best condition.

Indirect confirmation came from essay delegation that left Rome for the French capital. It is headed by the Minister of Entrepreneurship. Adolfo Ursowho was appointed by the Delegation for Space and Aerospace Policy: an appointment that came too late and which puts the sector in strong strategic complexity in the presence France As well as Germanywho have always dominated Europe when it comes to thinking about investments continents for their national industries. He’s there with Urso Elena Griffins WintersFormer Chief of Staff to the Director General of ESA, Joseph Aschbacher, currently at the helm of Palazzo Chigi’s new office and at the center of insider accusations that point to his lack of purely technical expertise in the sector. With them too George PocketPresident of the Italian Space Agency, which is effectively deprived of authority in the management of funds.

Then comes the tech. Antonio Bartoloni (general manager for industrial conversion and large production chains in the former Mise), Urso’s diplomatic adviser Mario Cospito (up to 20 days ago Avio manager) and general Louis De Leverano (appointed as military adviser to Prime Minister Mario Draghi and close to resigning). Finally, there is to complete the delegation Stefano Gualandris: An early supporter of the Northern League, always a trusted collaborator of the Secretary of the Economy. Giancarlo Giorgettiwho wanted him to be with him first at The Mize and now at the Treasury. According to reconstructions provided ilfattoquotidiano.itthe presence of Gualandris in Paris was informally requested by Giorgetti. bearwhich he immediately accepted. And this is not the case. Gualandris, in addition to being an expert in the sector, has already participated in Another ministerialtook care of this sector during the first Conte government and he also played a strategic role in Draghi’s government. Presence that means continuity, even politics. And which aims to save the goat and the cabbage, or at least limit the damage to one situation objectively difficult. Will it be enough?

Waiting for answers from chronicle, the usual malicious ones point to two inconsistencies. First: Minister Urso does not have perfect knowledge English language and this aspect can penalize him a bit when it comes to talking about technical details with their counterparts from other countries. In short, the same situation as at COP27 will be recreated. Sharm El Sheikh with the Minister of Environmental Security Gilberto Picetto Fratinalso does not speak English. Second: Colao leadership and appointment delay bear they ensured Italy’s absence from preliminary meetings on important issues; in this sense, France and Germany would already agree to appropriate Benefits partial to handing out the pie. The aspect, if confirmed, will cause massive damage to one of the Made in Italy flagships, i.e. Airplane: by not participating in preliminary meetings and therefore not engaging in lobbying activities, Italy practically handed over the decision on the proposal CEO of Eswhich technically leaves the Italian company in control Arian Group in the most important projects with huge economic and strategic damage to the Italian company. The handout, on the other hand, may be related to the appointment of an ESA directorate in Italy. the science: important for prestige, but not at all strategic in terms of industrial look. In short, it would be the most classic of Pyrrhic victories.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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