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Maneuver, Meloni: “The opposition is ready to demonstrate? I don’t agree, but I don’t let the square scare me”

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Opposition in the square against the maneuver? “I have nothing to say, they do their job. I don’t know that Le Letta said he wanted to protect the citizen’s income, I point out that they also voted against the first version.” Georgia Meloni said it.
“I can say that I am always consistent, I think so, we were voted because it was written in the program, and we will do it. I understand Conte’s point of view, they campaigned, saying: “Thanks to us, you fixed the houses for free.” There is a hole of 40 billion, who is free? The state does nothing for free,” Meloni continued. “Our vision is different from the views of our opponents. I understand that they do not share, but I respect the choice. Not to mention if I do frightened by a street demonstration“I have made millions, this is an important part of democracy, they are welcome,” the prime minister said again.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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