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Maneuver, Conte: “Cowardly government, flex your last muscles. M5s will be against it.” Letta: “PD will take to the streets on Saturday 17 in protest”

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After the prime minister illustrated the executive’s intervention at a press conference, the opposition responded. The leader of the M5s protests along with the leaders of the group. While the secretary of the Democratic Party announced that he would take to the streets with his followers

“This government only wanted to flex its muscles against a small part of the population.” The attack on the leader after the maneuver came from the leader of the M5s Joseph Conte. Who protested, first of all, for the decision to come to phasing out basic income from 2024. “Change cowardice for bravery,” he wrote in a Facebook post.confuses prudence with laziness. He wants to deprive the country of the one pillar that has not driven into the streets millions of people in dire straits and workers who pay miserable wages that do not even allow them to go shopping. If they want to throw the last ones out of the way, they will find a wall. We cannot allow social carnage“. Secretary P.D. Enrico Letta instead, he chimed in on Twitter, reiterating that Democrats would take to the streets in protest on Saturday, December 17. “Our demonstration is against an impromptu and unfair maneuver,” he wrote. “Inadequacy to the risk of recession and soaring inflation. We expected this at our Assembly on Saturday. Now, after yesterday’s decisions, we confirm this with even greater conviction.”

While the leader of the action Charles Kalendaspeaking in Tagada on La7, he said: “The maneuver is confirmation that the lies told during the election campaign they reached the stratosphere, bullshit, that’s wrong too.” According to Kalenda, “If money is scarce, it should be focused on young people, halving taxes for those under 35 and eliminating them until 30. Moreover, young people spend more than adults and encourage consumption more.” Kalenda, in particular, criticized the fact that health care and education are punished by funding pensions.

M5s group leaders are also protesting Barbara Florida As well as Francesco Silvestri: “Totally insufficient budget law, without measures for economic growth, which in fact, according to forecasts, will not exceed +0.6% of GDP in 2023,” the note says. “Deprived of courage and, above all, of social justice. In short, we have gone from ‘Dragian caution’ to ‘Melonian austerity’.” And again: “In this scenario, Georgia Meloni had nothing to do but get into Citizenship Income. withdrawal of resources from the weakest segments of the population and, at the same time, raise the cash ceiling, favoring tax evaders and corrupt people. If so, let the government know that the M5 will build a wall to stop this project, which is completely contrary to the real needs of the citizens of our country.”

For Deputy Group Leader Alleanza Verdi Sinistra Mark Grimaldi it is “cold broth with overcooked pasta as it pours out.” “The truth is that after so many calls for caution on the one hand, and too many proposals in favor of those who have more, and even those who evade and run away on the other, there is nothing for the workers in this “maneuver” as there was almost nothing in the decree on assistance.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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