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NGOs, Piantedosi and a fake dumb strategy: he asked Berlin to provide information that the government already had: emails from Humanity1 that prove it

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After the MSF, the German NGO SOS Humanity also releases the emails that the Humanity 1 ship sent during the rescue operations at the end of October. Those that, according to Viminale, would have been completed without informing the States, except ex post, as Italy writes to Germany, the ship’s flag state, which our Foreign Office also asks for information that the government already owns. All to push Europe towards “a more coordinated approach to maritime rescue and search,” as EU Commissioner Ylva Johansson is now proposing.

The truth lasted several days Matteo Piantedosi, just enough time to line up emails from NGO ships that refute what the Home Secretary told Parliament on November 16 last year. Following Médecins Sans Frontières’ messages published by ilfattoquotidiano.itnow emails from humanity 1 German NGO SOS Humanity. Which reconstruct one of the three rescue operations carried out at the end of October, confirming how the Italian authorities were aware of the operations in the early stages, and denying the sender’s accusations of the actions taken.in full autonomythe minister moved. Moreover, while Italy has not responded to aid ships requesting instructions, it has urged Germany as a flag state and asked the German Foreign Office for information “about the people on board”. He already had information.. Another legal and diplomatic gamble, which, together with the crisis between Rome and Paris, has not yet yielded any results, except for a number of proposals by EU Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson in connection with an extraordinary Council of Interior Ministers. next November 25th.

After letters from Geo Barents MSF, SOS Mankind delivers ilfattoquotidiano.it the messages that Humanity 1’s ship sent during release on October 24ended with the rescue of 113 people in the Libyan SAR region. The first email notifies the coastal states and the flag state of the receipt of the alarm sent at 4.05 a.m. Alarm Clock Phone, the main channel for reporting boats in distress. In addition to the coordinates, the presence of about 100 people and others who have already fallen into the sea is reported. The coastal states received the same alarm, to which at 7.19 the captain of Mankind announced his readiness to go to the scene. Email received by Maritime Rescue Coordination Centers Libya, Malta, Italy and, for your information, Germany. International law entrusts the coordination of rescue operations to states, which is primarily the responsibility of the country to which the SAR zone belongs (search and rescue), in this case Libya. Which, however, does not have a single and familiar focal point non-responsible NGO. Legislation requires other states to cooperate and, in the event of non-intervention by the competent state, coordinate rescue operations so that they are completed as soon as possible and in a safe port accessible as soon as reasonably practicable. possible. Shortly speaking, it is not allowed not to respond to a distress message at seawhich is also confirmed by the amendments made in 2004. SAR agreements As well as SOLAS joined by Italy, unlike Malta. But, as Fatto at MSF has already explained, “99% of the time no one answers.” And this time is no exception.

Having received no instructions from the states, the captain humanity 1, fulfilling a legal obligation, directs to the received coordinates. Once there – it is 12.15 – he reports the observation of the boat and confirms the dangerous condition: the boat is “unable to steer, it is overcrowded, people are in serious danger and without life jackets”, writes . Given the situation, “I intend to continue providing assistance as required by law,” which he quotes at length. And it ends by asking recipients to respond immediately. Half an hour later, a report of the inspection of the spears lowered into the water follows: “People overboard and the engine is off”, we read before confirming that “Humanity 1 will immediately save people in danger.” This is the third unanswered email, and the same will be true for the fourth one sent after the restore is complete. A rescue operation was carried out just two days ago. October 24 another will follow. Finally, according to the email the 25th of Octoberare on board 180 peopleof which 97 unaccompanied minors this is newborn recovered in the rescue described in the published letters. This fifth message is to ask for a safe harbor (safe place or POS), as already done on October 23 after first aid on the 22nd. From the Italian Coordinating Center (MRCC) the answer is always the same: “We inform you that your request has been forwarded to the competent national authority. Also, this MRCC highlights that the events mentioned in your last post took place outside the Italian SRR. and not in agreement with the MRCC of Rome“.

These are facts. Present only partially in the version that Minister Piantedosi will present to Parliament on November 16: “On October 24, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, in an oral note addressed to the Federal Republic of Germany, the flag state, emphasized that the migrant evacuation operations were carried out by the vessel in full autonomy and on a systematic basis in the areas of the SAR of Libya and Malta, without receiving instructions from the state authorities responsible for the above-mentioned areas, informed, like Italy, only after surgery“. And if, on the one hand, the reconstruction proposed to the parliamentarians and the unfounded accusation of the ship of informing the States only after the fact, then on the other, there are omissions in connection with Germany. “November 2,” Piantedosi reports in Parliament, “I presented to our Foreign Office the need to continue open negotiations with Germany in order to achieve the exercise of her jurisdiction over the same ship and get information about the people on board“. On the same day, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also addressedEmbassy of Germany in Italy. This is mostly information already in the possession of the States, as it is contained in court emails sent to focal points, including Italy, which is part of the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure. Matthew Salvini. We know that Piantedosi himself refers to the German response: “On November 2, the German Embassy, ​​denying any responsibility of the flag state, asked our Ministry of Foreign Affairs to provide operational support for the landing of people on board in the Italian port. ship of the NGO, referring to the observance of the relevant international conventions”.

The first indications to Mankind from Italy come as soon as November 4, 13 days later first POS request to the States. “But instead of assigning a safe place to the survivors, as is Italy’s legal duty, Humanity 1 receives illegal decree government of Italy,” says Fatto SOS Humanity, referring to an inter-ministerial decree on selective landings, also imposed on Geo Barents MSF in the port of Catania, against which two NGOs filed an appeal with the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio. Pressure on Germany to coordinate operations is in line with Italy’s request for increased participation of flag states. And among the 20 actions proposed by EU Commissioner Johansson is a “more coordinated approach to search and rescue” at sea. The proposal Piantedosi mentioned completed and who will end up on the table of the Emergency Council, which will see him as a protagonist, along with other ministers of the interior of Europe. But when it comes to immigration, the States almost never listened to the Commission, as evidenced by immigration pactpending approval and stuck in Brussels for years on dossiers such as the resettlement of asylum seekers and the reform of the Dublin Regulation. So it remains to be seen what the European partners will respond to the southern coastal states (Greece, Cyprus, Malta As well as Italy) persons who signed a recent document from which Spain it stated: “Madrid cannot support proposals that reward countries that do not honor their obligations under international maritime law.” A right that even the European Union, which eventually agrees to, cannot change on its own, because these are precisely international conventions. Therefore, it is the flag states that will have to offer their cooperation, which will allow coastal states, such as Italy, to at least partly deviate from the obligations prescribed by international standards. Unless they intend to turn a blind eye to recent violations, lies and omissions.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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