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Mattarella’s autonomy warning: “Citizens’ rights must be guaranteed in both the North and the South.”

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“My desire is that the “voice of the country” that you seek to interpret can always express itself fully and resonate. Authority will be granted by the ability to maintain faith in the strong commitments made in these difficult times. Fixed points are guarantee belonging rights citizens who are all North how in Noon, in cities, whether in towns, in metropolitan areas, or in the interior, they should be able to experience the full force of constitutional principles.” President of the Republic Sergius Mattarellaspeaks to Anci, an association of about 9,000 Italian municipalities, and talks about Autonomybut without never quote her.

“I am happy to pick up the threads of the dialogue, which in fact, as it seemed to me, ended last year in Parma. I am pleased to resume this dialogue, because the Municipalities – and our thousand years of history testify to this – are Italy, – explains Mattarella at the beginning of the speech, – They are the Republic, as stated in article 114 of our Constitution. Nearly nine thousand Italian municipalities dedicate themselves with the same dignity and dedication to supporting our communities by offering universal services. The constitution enshrines the principle of equality of citizens and, of course, this applies to the municipalities, which must all be able to carry out the tasks assigned to them, in order to contribute to the implementation of the constitutional principle of equal dignity of citizens.”

Equal dignity from north to south is the essence of the reasoning of the president, who in the morning focused on the need for a strong institutional cohesion of the country also in a broader issue such as the issue of welfare: which, according to Mattarella, “is the cornerstone of our model of coexistence and a measure of the concrete implementation of the principles our constitution.”

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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