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Money ceiling, Gomez to Gasparri: “How much to withdraw 5 thousand euros to spend 50 at a time?”. Collision between Rampelli and Emiliano on La7

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curtain a “The Air Blows” (A7) between David Porek and the senator Come on Italy Maurizio Gasparrishowing cash in his wallet at the request of a reporter. “It’s 95 euros, I need to go out to eat” says Gasparri, who also shows his credit card.
The atmosphere heats up when Parenzo asks the senator if he has ever carried more than 2,000 euros in cash in his wallet.
“No,” Gasparri replies, “but I am for freedom and for a ceiling of 5,000 euros. You have to be free to go to the bank to get some cash and then spend 50 euros at a time.”
Director ilfattoquotidiano.it and from FC Millennium, Peter Gomezthe senator insisted: “But how many people do you think withdraw 5,000 euros in cash to spend 50 euros at a time? And how many drug dealers and tax evaders will there be?“.
“Make a big mess,” Gasparri replies, “because you can take cash and spend it in one or two months.”
“No one believes in this, Gasparri,” Gomez ironically, “not even his voters.”

A similar scene is repeated later, when this time Parenzo asks the deputy Brothers of Italy, Fabio Rampellihow much money does he have in his wallet.
“I should have 60 or 70 euros for a coat,” the parliamentarian admits.
The same question to the president of the Apulia region, Michele Emiliano, who replies: “If I now had 5,000 euros in cash, the Guardia di Finanza would immediately come here. and ask me why I have this amount.”
“He asks you if this is stolen money,” Rampelli stands up, “if it is yours and you have withdrawn it from the bank, then no. Do I need to ask permission to take my own money? Are we kidding?”
“I keep paying for coffee with a credit card,” explains Emiliano, “because I don’t have time to withdraw money. And in any case, the use of a credit card remains a good rule of thumb for a politician.“.
Rampelli protests: “That’s the way you fatten the pockets of the banks, as the bank commission is paid by consumers. They made credit cards for free.”
Emiliano replies: “If a politician is going to withdraw 5,000 euros from his checking account, the bank calls him and asks why. And this, if it applies to politics, applies to other categories of people.”
“It’s one shame”, Rampelli repeats.
“No, it’s not a disgrace. Right, says Emiliano.
“As usual, she has settings that winks at the financial forces”, Rampelli comments.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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