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Cancellation of income from citizenship, Travalho in La7: “This is a hunt for the poor, we are with incredible ruthlessness. Madness in times of recession

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“Changes Meloni government to basic income? This is the most shameful part of the shameful maneuver. we are in one incredible ruthlessness, this is a shameful affair, except for the controversy over Meloni’s answers to journalists. For God’s sake, respect for journalists is fundamental, but there is one thing disproportion between the disputes about journalists and the seriousness of this war and the hunt for the poor who cry out for revenge“. This is the comment that “Half past eight” (A7) Director daily factMarco Travalhomakes the amendments included in the Meloni government’s basic income maneuver.

Travallo explains: “If you calculate how many benefits all these rules and regulations that have such a very short shell will bring, you will find that they are insignificant, and no one will notice. The only ones who will sharply notice this maneuver are those who for 3 years they had 500 euros to live on and they will have nothing left – he continues, – first they take off the salary for 4 months, and then they take everything off. This happens because you are able-bodied, that is, you are of working age, which means that if you don’t have a job, you’re a fancuzzist. It’s total madness during a recession like this. What makes us unique in Europe, apart from the parameters and what they tell us there Europe“.

Director Made indicates: “We are the only ones in Europe who deprive the poor of protection when everyone is trying to increase it. And telling all this balesnamely, that whoever is of working age, but does not work, is a fankazzist. But he is not a fankazzist, there is simply no work. Today Deputy Secretary of State durigon he said, “Don’t you have a job? Look for him.” And if you’re looking for it and can’t find it, what do you do? Are you hungry with your family? All this, moreover, has a place to save several hundred thousand euros, – he concludes, – which would be enough to go and get from large companies that have received fabulous profits in insurance, pharmaceuticals, energy. And for trifling savings, you bankrupt people who were already close to bankruptcy? And among these people there are those who take their income to add to the miserable salary. These people have found jobs and we will hit them.”

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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