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Renzi: “The truth will come out in the Autogrill case. State secret confirmed by Draghi? I’m amazed, but I have nothing to argue with him.


Leader IV reverts to accusations against Dis director Elisabetta Belloni and attacks her: “It strikes me that for the first time in history a director of secret services tried to become president of a republic.” He then announces: “If, in the face of what happened to me, anyone thinks that someone like me will get scared and stop, then they are mistaken. I will finish the tour on the Monster and return to politics in the first person”

“I don’t have the elements to appreciate why dragons put state secret” in the Autogrill case. “I’m genuinely amazed”, but “I have a lot of respect for Draghi and I have nothing to argue with him. I didn’t say a word about the fact that the secret had been kept, much about the fact that Belloni opposed it.” Matthew Renzi returns to accusations that in the new edition of his last book – Monster – refers to Elisabetta Bellonidirector of Italian intelligence, which, she writes, “decided in the spring 2022 resist state secret until 2037, being questioned as a witness in defense investigations to which she was subjected after a strange event reports-Autogrill“. Deputy secretary of the Palazzo Chigi in charge of services, Alfredo Mantovano, has already indicated in a note that the anti-secrecy “was confirmed by the Prime Minister in June 2022 and that it took place in the course of investigations conducted by the judiciary only in connection with the need to protect the functionality of the services and to avoid the risk of violating the necessary confidentiality.” “I take note of this and say: I am in no hurry, whether in 2022, 2023 or 2037, the truth about what happened in those hours it will come outbecause sooner or later the investigations will end,” Renzi replies.

The leader of Italia viva then debunked what he himself had proposed in the book, stressing that “the same person (Belloni, ed.) what I have withdrawn from race for Quirinal: “I don’t see any elements to establish one causal relationship“. But then he attacks Director Dees for some alleged institutional errors: “In the book, I tell why I declined his candidacy for the Quirinal, because for me the director of the secret services does not become president of the republic overnight. After this incident, she finished pictures at lunch with the then Minister of Foreign Affairs DiMaio. I wouldn’t do it. Nothing bad, but I’m surprised there’s disagreement about other meetings,” he says, referring to the Autogrill case. “Belloni’s phrase when he said ‘Di Maio was loyal’ was not elegant,” he says again. And defines “inappropriate» the fact that recently the head of intelligence “went to talk to the prime minister at a group Brothers of Italy. I think it is a matter of political ethics,” he attacks. “But it’s a form. The bottom line is that Dr. Belloni didn’t go to the Quirinal because we said no. And it amazes me that for the first time in history, the director of special services tried to become the president of the republic, ”she continues.

Renzi also takes him on Siegfried Ranuccishowman reports (the first tells of his meeting at the STO with former 007 agent Marco Mancini): “Three hours before Mantovano Ranucci’s note, he writes that Belloni put the secret on questions about the internal dynamics of the security service, which he had nothing to do with. do with the service reports. How does he know? I haven’t seen these questions. Next week I’ll start filing a complaint against breach of secrecy“. And then he announces: “If, faced with what happened to me, someone thinks that someone like me will get scared and stop, then he was mistaken. Everything I said is proven, all the cards are printed and put aside just in case. If you thought you were going to frighten or threaten me, you are on the wrong target. I’m ending the tour Monster As well as I myself return to politics“. Finally, he returns to ask the commission of inquiry on public procurement during the pandemic: “In the case of Covid money flew away, much money. I have no evidence, but I have numerous facts that allow me to say that what happened in those months with the masks, the defective Chinese ventilators guaranteed by D’Alema, with the presence of Russian soldiers… because Conte asked Putin to bring Will Russian soldiers cure covid? I would like to have a commission of inquiry on all these issues.”

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano


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