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Citizenship income, Cannavo in La7: “The surreal story has already passed. There is only one fundamental point: where is the work?

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“Meloni’s first play is not so good. He did almost everything in succession with dragons and what little he did, he chose according to the flag indicator, that is, according to the main income. And, in any case, in such an important sector as Confindustria he didn’t like it because it didn’t change economic policy.” So deputy director de daily factSalvatore Cannavocomments a “omnibus” (La7) economic measures taken by the Meloni government for the next year, with reference to an interview given today Seal president Confindustria Carlo Bonomi (“No vision, money for expensive bills will run out in March”).

Cannavo focuses on changes in basic income: “The surreal basic income narrative is over. I would not even think that poverty was created by basic income, because otherwise we completely abstract from reality. He explains that the quality of the people who benefit from a basic income is too often overlooked. 70% of these people have been excluded from the world of work for years, not recently. They, of course, need to be made employable, but then you need to invest in employment services, which has never been done. And so we must also invest in navigator“.

deputy Brothers of Italy Marco Osnato he disagrees, but the journalist replies: “You should know, job centers in Italy are unmanned. In Germany there are only 9,000 workers against 100,000, therefore it is clear that in Germany people are more able to work. There’s an army of people out there who make you fit for the job. Was professionalism necessary to perform the work as a navigator? Navigators are very professional, almost all graduates with honors. Go see who they are.”
Economist Veronica DeRomanis he remarks: “In Germany, the right offer is: this is the offer, and it’s accepted.”
“If the system was well structured and organized,” Cannavo replies, “we could discuss that as well. If, on the other hand, you have two dependent children and are sent from Naples to Trento for 1200 euros per monthmaybe you couldn’t do it. But the point is different: where is work? Travel across the country. Where is this job? The main problem is getting to work.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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