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Women’s Leadership, Suzanne Camusso in BookCity: “Even the left is macho, but the women of the right embrace patriarchy”

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“It’s a choral piece, I’m listening to stories 16 extraordinary women. Everyone in their field is trying to make a difference with their women’s leadership.” Chiara Tintori so says his essay Now it’s our turn. Women, leadership and other crimes published by TS Edizioni.

Democratic Senator Suzanne Camusso, during a debate moderated by Diego Pretini, editor-in-chief of ilfattoquotidiano.it, gives an overview of the gender issue in Italian politics and emphasizes that “the left is as chauvinistic as the right, but women on the right accept the rules of patriarchy.” Among the formulated measures needed to get out of this scheme, a former union member proposes the introduction of mandatory paid paternity.

Laura Ganchitano, a philosopher, concludes: “The patriarchal system considers gender and class inequality legitimate, arguing that only the will can fill them. In fact, it is getting harder and harder to do this: the situation in which we are born is getting harder and harder to fix.”

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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