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Luigi Incarnato is the new president of the PSI National Council: who is accused of corruption, who takes the place of Nenchini

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His appointment caused much controversy within the PSI due to his proximity to the Democratic Party. In the meantime, the former regional councilor faces three trials, including an excerpt from the maxi-operation “Revival-Scott”.

Louis incarnation instead of Riccardo Nencini. Within a few days Italian Socialist Party new President of the National Council: this is the former Calabrian party secretary, who in the past also held regional councilor center-left. His appointment caused so much controversy within the PSI that, as soon as he was elected, the new president wrote a note addressed to his predecessor: “Nencini,” we read, “can be absolutely sure no one supports joining the Party.” The speech is much broader and concerns party matters, but the phrase said by Incarnato, extrapolated from the context in which it was written, allows you to hide a few smiles, given that the Calabrian politician in 2018 by virtue of an agreement with a Democrat, he was the political nominee of the Democratic Party.

Then comes the chapter on legal problems the new President Psi, who is in Calabria defendant in three processes. In fact, last May the judge was in Reggio Calabria for a preliminary hearing. Vincenzo Cuaranta brought him to justice corruption. He is just a defendant, he was never convicted, but the prosecutor’s office repeatedly tried to arrest him at the preliminary investigation stage. The petition was rejected at that time, but the trial of the “Region” nevertheless took place, and in May last year, Incarnato appeared before the court, because, according to the prosecution, “as a public official, first of all as consultant chairman of the regional council responsible for the management of the water treatment system”, and then as the “commissioner for liquidation Soric spa (mixed company with predominantly state participation) on behalf of the region of Calabria”, would receive from Business owner (also researched) “sum 30 thousand euros in three tranches of 10 thousand each as the award price” treaty in connection with the “completion of works below the hydroelectric power station”.

Replies to influence traffic As well as electoral corruptionhowever, in the Renaissance-Scott process born from maxi investigation belonging DDA Catanzaro. Incarnato was charged with endurance, which is celebrated before the court of Cosenza. Basically, according to the indictment, two weeks after political elections 2018, where he was a Democratic nominee, the PSI regional secretary “in order to win electoral votes in his favor” would offer another politician and entrepreneur his availability support them in their construction project, in the municipality of Paolacenter hospitality unusual for migrants.”

Luigi Incarnato is finally accused of influence peddling also in the “Passpartout” trial, for which, in February 2021was accused along with the former president of the region Mario Oliverio and former deputy Nicholas Adam. For all, at the end of the preliminary hearing, the charge of conspiracy, disputed by the prosecutor’s office of Catanzaro, was dropped, however, she is pursuing them for crimes end. The investigation was much broader than just the position of the Incarnate, and concerned a number of contracts and some episodes of corruption. According to the prosecutor’s office, in February 2016, the socialist, using his political relations with many of Cosenza’s municipal councilors, he would persuade them to resign in order to overthrow the then centre-right mayor Mario Okkiuto. He, too, initially participated in the investigation, but was the only suspect acquitted by the judge at a preliminary hearing. According to the prosecutor’s office, Incarnato’s mediation activities should have been analogue “the public and institutional assignments of Nicola Adamo and Mario Oliverio”. The instructions that the prosecutors then also received: his “illegal mediation”, in fact, would be rewarded by being appointed liquidator of the Sorrik resort. This process is also still ongoing and in the meantime, Incarnato has been elected National President of PSI.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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