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Maneuver, the government cancels the obligation to accept ATMs up to 30 euros: six months to study new exceptions, and in the meantime suspend fines.

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The project envisages that the Italian Ministry of Enterprise and Production will establish “exclusion criteria” by June, and in the meantime, “procedures and deadlines for the adoption of sanctions are suspended.” The introduction of fines was one of the stages of the Recovery Plan, which must be completed by June 2022.

government continues to dismantle, step by step, the commitment to take payments With ATM also for microtransactions. After being released from tobacconists on the cigarettes and stampsmark Maneuver idea new exceptions for payments up to 30 euros. In the meantime, these are being studied – and this will be within 6 months time – they suspended all sanctions merchants and artisans who do not accept electronic payments. Raising the cash ceiling, a new gift for tax evaders Meloni government.

According to the provisions of the draft law on the budget, approved in cabinetThe Ministry of Enterprise and Production in Italy is to establish “quality criteria”. exception to provide proportionality sanctions and ensurecheapness transactions in relation to expenses the same,” the text says. At the same time, “I proceedings and from terms for the adoption of sanctions.

The introduction of fines for those who refuse to accept a parcel was one of the milestones belonging recovery plan be achieved through June 2022 For this Draghi government foresaw the entry into force of fines. Now the new leader is backtracking and, apparently, will also have to discuss this with the management. European Commission. Also this move is essentially like raising to cash Hi forgive go in the opposite direction to EU requests and goals Poland reduce the tendency to escape.

The obligation to accept payments with a debit card that can be traced back to Growth Decree belonging Monti governmentin 2012. In 2014, the minimum threshold was set at €30 and entry into force was postponed to June 2014. Law of Stability for 2016, he lowered the limit to 5 €introduced exceptions for cases of “objective technical impossibility” and foreseen a fine of 500 euros for sellers without a pos-terminal, with the risk of doubling 1000 euros even after suspension of activities if he didn’t get better. However, the draconian measures have been postponed until the ministerial decree was never adopted.

The size of the fine, which is much smaller, was first quantified in tax decree belonging 2019: 30 euros plus 4% of the transaction amount. It was supposed to come into force from July 2020, but it took several months for the then majority to decide to cancel the rule. Which wasn’t put back on track even when Cashless Plan Conte’s government foresaw 30% tax credit on commissions charged to merchants and professionals, andzero cost for transactions under i 5 € on a chain Pago ATM also promote micropayments. Now there are other offers that provide zero commission or a full refund for a certain amount.

At the end of 2021, the amendment league As well as Lei to the first Recovery Ordinance tried to dust off the fines, but from January 2023. In April the government dragons decided to anticipate, also bearing in mind that the imposition of sanctions, as already mentioned, is included in the Recovery Plan among the goals to be achieved by the end of June. So ten years later Decree Law 2012 it was amended to establish the abolition of fines from June last year.

The obligation also applies to cards prepayment and there is no minimum limit under which a store owner has the right to refuse card payment. However, an exception remains for those who can call one “objective technical impossibility”see for example the possible lack of network in high mountain. A few weeks ago, the first exemption for some goods, cigarettes and excise stamps came in. A list that is destined to expand dramatically by next June at less than 30 euros.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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