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Maneuver, stop the adjustment of fines to inflation. Excises on cigarettes increased by 70 cents per pack

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There is also a 5 percent tax credit on waiter tips (questionably effective given that they are almost always paid in cash and therefore not declared) and an extension of first home benefits for those under 36. for child car seats, as well as for diapers, baby food and sanitary napkins. 25 million fund for “food sovereignty”

Two days after the Council of Ministers approved it, the premiere was distributed on Wednesday evening. draft belonging maneuver for 2023. Confirm stop at basic income from 2024 mini cut tax wedge”fiscal truce” with ten methods of regularization, including cancellation, introduction 103 share for pensions. Then there are some minor updates: simplified taxation 5% tips to waiters (doubtful, given that they are almost always paid in cash and therefore not declared), stop for two years belongingadjusting inflation penalties calculated by Istat, increase in excise taxes on cigarettes by almost 70 cents per package. In addition to exemption from the obligation to accept even small payments from debit and cardswhich could cause problems for Italy with Brussels, given that fines for those who do not accept e-money were one of the targets recovery plan. On the other hand, the tax on home delivery, the so-called Amazon tax, and the increase in the tax on gambling winnings.

For employees, the tax wedge is reduced by two points if gross income is below €35,000. The reduction increases to 3% for those who receive a salary (out of thirteen months) not exceeding 1,538 euros. Extension flat tax for the self-employed, it has a share, as stated by the Deputy Minister Maurice Leo: the ceiling for access to the flat rate of 15% for the self-employed rises from 65 to 85 thousand euros, but jumps retroactively if the taxpayer exceeds 100 thousand euros in revenue.

expanded first home purchase discounts for persons under 36 years old, and the VAT rate is reduced to 5% also on child car seats, as well as diapers, baby food and sanitary napkins.

For pensions mechanism indexing for the 2023-2024 biennium. It comes from 100% revaluation pension benefits equal to or less than four times the minimum amount before revaluation at 35% of those that exceed at least ten times. The lowest checks increased monthly (by 1.5 percentage points in 2023 and by 2.7 percentage points in 2024). For new exits, a “flexible early retirement” mechanism (Quota 103) is introduced, which provides for exit with a quota 41 years of contributions and a minimum age of 62. However, the mechanism provides for a “ceiling” that, until retirement age, cannot exceed five times the minimum pension.

To counter inflation and material costs, the design maneuver also includes 10% increase in funds allocated to local governmentsfunded by Pnrr for public works beginning January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2023. In addition, there has been an increase in investment for Milan-Cortina: 400 million euros have been allocated for the implementation of the overall work plan for the Winter Olympics 2026. food sovereignty fund from 25 million euros for 2023 and the same amount for each of the next three years with the aim of “strengthening the national agricultural and agri-food system” and ensuring the security of food supplies and supplies.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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