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Live / Fourth day of specialty OE discussion with PAN and Livre starts with approval of almost 40 proposals

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  • 24.11, 10:18
    Blok also talks about “fraud” with pensions

  • 24.11, 10:18
    Ventura: The government comes up with a “fraud” for pensioners

  • 24.11, 10:18
    PCP: “The proposal is the weak point of the solution”

  • 24.11, 10:15
    SDP again accuses the government of non-compliance with the law when renewing pensions

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  • Blok also talks about “fraud” with pensions

    Pedro Filipe Soares, parliamentary leader of the Left Bloc, also speaks of “fraud” and criticizes the government for expecting “applause” for breaking the law.

  • Ventura: The government comes up with a “fraud” for pensioners

    It’s Andre Ventura’s turn, who accuses the government of being the protagonist of the “retirement scam”.

    “Chega is always in favor of raising anything for pensioners. What the PS cannot say is that it is adjusting and renewing pensions,” the leader and deputy Chega accuses.

  • PCP: “The proposal is the weak point of the solution”

    The PCP is also critical of the proposed proposal, deeming it a “weak spot in the solution”.

    “It looks like he is admitting a mistake and correcting the government’s stubbornness in reducing pensions in 2023, he is faking a correction, promising values ​​above the set value, but selling the illusion,” communist Alfredo Maia says, recalling that the proposal “does not indicate any effective value “, which “does not guarantee what it should guarantee: the restoration of the loss of purchasing power.”

  • SDP again accuses the government of non-compliance with the law when renewing pensions

    This is Clara Marquez Mendez from PSD speaking.

    “The government has reduced pensions by half a million euros. They did not guarantee that pensioners would lose purchasing power. They didn’t follow the law. What they’re trying to do now is try to heal their hand, but they can’t even do that.”

  • Sergio Monte: “The Socialist Party has always raised pensions”

    The morning discussion starts about pensions when the socialists defend the government.

    “Socialist Partypensions have always been raised,” the socialist begins, recalling later that the advance payment for half board represents an increase of 3.57%.

    In Sergio Monte’s reports, by adding “an average increase in pensions of 4%” since January, this “guarantees an increase of 8%”.

  • Even before the discussion began, an unusual moment in Parliament. The rules require the President of the Assembly of the Republic to order the PSP to open the galleries to the public.

    Santos Silva made the usual request, but nothing happened. Since the work could not begin without the possibility of viewing by the public, Augusto Santos Silva repeated the request, but again without success.

    As a result, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan raised his voice: “I’m sorry, but there is an agent in front of me, and I gave the order to open the doors to the public, this order must be carried out immediately.”

    On the third try, Santos Silva was clearly uncomfortable and managed to get the PSP agents to open the doors to the public and the session began.

  • Good morning!

    Now the fourth day of discussion in the morning and voting in the afternoon on the specialty of the State Budget for 2023 begins. Here you can read a summary of the proposals discussed and approved yesterday, the 3rd Parliamentary Debate.

    On the second day of voting for the State Budget for 2023, two species of stingrays and sharks won: live, which, after the proposal of the PAN, approved by the PS, will be eligible for a national action plan for the bearing and conservation of the species. ; and those of parliament that grow in size by eating the crustaceans that PS gives them.

    And the first day already predicted that only Livre and PAN would achieve any success in this OE.

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Source: Observador

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