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Valditara and the Social Role of Humiliation: “The Fundamental Factor of Human Growth” – Video

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“We need to restore the authority of the school and enforce the rules. To bring this issue back to the center, we must emphasize the principle of respect for teachers, school administration, students and the public good. We must raise children in a culture of respect. Hence a number of proposals, starting with the responsibility of the family, from the teacher-tutor to individual training. If I just suspend the boy for a year, I won’t be doing any good to society. It’s much more important involve them in socially useful workthat are maturing.” This was stated by Education Minister Giuseppe Valditara at a meeting of the Italy-North Directorate in Milan. The minister added that “only by working, only resigning – long live humiliation which is a fundamental factor in the growth of the individual – in the face of his comrades, it is he who takes responsibility for his actions. From there comes redemption“.

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Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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