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Sicily, two “Forza Italia” remain: Micci retains his name and symbol, but becomes increasingly isolated.

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The split in the majority of Shifani deepens: the governor is forced to change the name of his group, which becomes “Forza Italia all’Ars”. The dot is held by the blues coordinator on the island. And the question remains: who represents Berlusconi’s party in Sicily?

Which the Strength Italy? It’s a pending question Sicily since last week the party at the regional assembly he split into two groups: Forza Italia 1 and Forza Italia 2. Two groups separated by a number, adopted by the president of Ars, Gaetano Galvagnojust waiting for it to happen clarity within the Berlusconi party. A week later, the novelty is that the first group, led by the president of the Sicilian region, Renato Shifanichanged its name to “Come on, Italy, to Ars“. Just “Come on Italy” will be the one that instead belongs to Gianfranco Miccice.

Thus, the fracture remains and the question remains open. which one Berlusconi’s party, especially after Micci, head of the Azzurri in Sicily, made it clear exactly what he was holding name and symbol Fi on the island. Thus, a fracture that cannot be healed despite pressure: “Micciche? It was offered everythingnot only the vice president of the Senate, everything is real, but also opposes refusal’ exposes the member of the majority. The rejection that so far has only seen aggravate position of a supporter of strength: the first group, i.e. close to the president of the region, make up 9 advisorsonly second from 4.

The fact is that among these four there is also a Barcelona criminal lawyer Pozzo di Gotto, Thomas Calderonewho, however, was also elected to Number and will almost certainly select the latter, where it is already part of justice commission. If that were the case, Micci’s Forza Italia would have lost the bare minimum to form a group on Ars. Meanwhile, the pressure on Micciche continues: it is not surprising that the former president of Ars was not in the courtroom today.

Just today when we voted for commissions: A vote sanctioning the political weakness of the Fi coordinator among the centre-right. In fact, the chairmanship of the Budget Commission went to Melonian. Darius Daidonebye Ignatius abbateNew Christian Democrats Toto Cuffarochair the Institutional Affairs Committee. While Shifani’s power supporters assemble the chairmanship of the commission on industrial activities, where he will sit Gaspar vitrano. Thus the Micci group, which was left dry and for the formation of the Scifani Junta, remains dry.

“He accepted Giovanna Volo as a health advisor, then all of a sudden what happened? What happened is Miccice…,” says a veteran of the Sicilian centre-right. A version different from the version provided by the Fi coordinator, according to which, as he told the press, Volo’s name should have been imposed from Shifani. Reconstructions and backstory beyond doubt: who represents Berlusconi’s party in Sicily? Micci bears a name and a symbol and can match the design of a nationwide party, especially the wing. Ronzullimay not yet have decided on full membership in government melons. But there are those among the Sicilian centre-right who reject this reading: “He moves on his own, without a strategy,” says one of his detractors. Of course, today’s session at Ars registers Micciché increasingly isolated. At least in Sicily.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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