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Pensions, full revaluation only up to 2100 euros. Whoever takes more will lose an average of 100 euros per month.

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The maneuver updates the indexing ranges from three to six. “Italian pensioners are treated like an ATM,” comments Ivan Pedretti, general secretary of the Italian Pensioners’ Union CGIL. rewritten without the slightest comparison. With this money they make amnesties, raise the cash ceiling, favor smart people and tax evaders.”

The government profits from pensionsdecreasing – for relatively “high” ones – the increases envisaged from January 2023 to the end of 2014. purchasing power causedinflation at a gallop, given that two weeks ago the Treasury set a guaranteed adjustment for next year at +7.3%, and prices are now known to be rising in double digits. There draft Wednesday evening’s maneuver confirms the successes of recent days: the streaks indexing belonging pensions double, going from three to six. For minimum comes an extra mini-increment that will take them to 570 euros from current 524. But starting with those that excel by four times minimum – that’s why we’re talking about 2100 euros gross – works cuts adjustments provided from January.

For the checks that go four or five times minimum – up to 2620 euros gross – automatic revaluation will stop at 80% against 90% provided for by the 1998 reform, which was supposed to return to force in 2023 after several years freezing partial (since the nineties calling those above 3 times the minimum he is not complete and only partially restored since 2014 under Letta’s government). Thus, above five times the minimum, the allowance should have increased for all pensioners to 75%, but the budget law is revising this forecast decisively downward. The increase will be limited 55% due five to six times less than the minimum (from 2620 to 3150), fifty% six to eight times the minimum (from 3150 to 4200), 40% eight to ten times the minimum (from 4200 to 5200), 35% for those taking more than ten times the INPS minimum (€5,254).

Compared to the three-bracket system, for those who paid dues, for example, to guarantee them a check exceeding a minimum of five times, penalties will be applied that, compared to the three-bracket, whose return was expected, range from about 40 euros per month for a range of four to five times the minimum a over 200 euros for higher pensions.

“The budgetary maneuver of the Meloni government is financed by decrease in revaluation pensions and with the taxation of additional profits already envisaged and only partially increased,” comments the General Secretary of the Italian Union of Pensioners CGIL. Ivan Pedretti. “THEN Italian pensioners then they come treat like an ATM and just like companies with accounts worth billions of euros. Pensions of 1500-1600 euros net per month, the result of more than 40 years of work and paid contributions, are given to the rich. The mechanism of re-evaluation, the conquest of the union, canceled and rewritten without the slightest comparison. With this money, amnesties are made, the cash ceiling is increased, smart people and tax evaders are favored. We will answer”.

BUT sop comes only for the lower categories, which will be revalued by 120%, given that the 7.3% stipulated by the ministerial decree signed on November 9 Giancarlo Giorgetti another 1.5% will be added (increase to 2.4% in 2024). For minimum pensioners, this means an increase of 46 euros per month. Not small compared to the starting figure, but very disappointing when you consider that Come on Italy in her election program, she promised to raise it to 1,000 euros.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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