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‘Humiliation as a Growth Factor for Children’: Education Minister Valditara’s Latest (Incredible) Statement – Video

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Humiliation how “growth factor personalities.” It should not be an old general of the marine corps who should support him, but the secretary of education. Joseph Vallettara. The Minister expressed the concept of speaking about the “responsibility of students” and in practice the issue intimidation. The reasoning, as can be heard in the video, began from afar: “We need to restore the authority of the school and enforce the rules,” says Valditara, who is a university professor of Roman private and public law by profession. Back at the center, we must emphasize the principle of respect for teachers, school leaders, students and the public good. We must raise children in a culture of respect. Hence a number of proposals, starting with the responsibility of the family, from the teacher-tutor to individual training. If I just suspend the boy for a year, I won’t be doing any good to society. It’s much more important involve them in socially useful workthat are maturing.” Hence the appeal to humiliation. Valditara, during a meeting of the Italy-North Directorate in Milan, added that “only by working, only by humiliating myself – long live humiliation which is a fundamental factor in the growth of the individual – in the face of his comrades, it is he who takes responsibility for his actions. From there comes redemption“. Answered by Valditara MP from the Democratic Party Ylenia Malavasi: “Professor Valditara,” he writes, “continues to mistake the school for a correctional institution, and after community service and a ban on access to basic income, today speaks bluntly about ‘humiliation’, things that have not been heard of for at least 100 years. The question is very simple: such a person cannot be the Minister of Education.”

The students also reacted: “On November 18, after a very popular student strike, Minister Valditara refused to listen to the students, now the same minister is imposing his idea of ​​a school consisting of classism, merit, humiliation and repression. We are outraged and very angry that we can no longer accept top-down school models that ignore the needs of students,” reads a note from White churchnational coordinatorstudent union. “Minister,” he adds, Alice BeccariPeople’s Executive Body of the Students’ Union – sees in socially useful work the best form of disciplinary measures so that students avoid repeating the same mistakes through humiliation and, following his idea of ​​a merit class school, he said that he wanted to remove basic income for those who do not complete compulsory schooling, it is all along the line of repression, with schools where the concept of merit defeats the concept of freedom and well-being, supporting measures such as cameras at school or a ban on cell phones during school “school hours”.

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Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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