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Meloni’s maneuver, only crumbs for healthcare: doctors are in a frenzy. Unions and orders: “There will be mass escapes from hospitals”

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The draft budget law only provides another two billion for 2023, but the 1.4 is intended to offset high bills and inflation will eat up the rest of the increase, effectively draining resources after bad debts caused by two years of the pandemic. The funds are “absolutely not enough” for the regions. With a serious danger for the future: without new hiring, the reform of 7.1 billion envisaged in the NDP will remain an empty box

AT maneuver already scarce for healthcare oppressed by two years of the pandemic, they remained only crumbs. And the doctors are preparing for the bottom on the squareif Meloni government should not interfere to correct. Project budget law actually provides 2023 Only another two billion be distributed to standard health care needs, but 1.4 billion designed to deal with expensive accounts. To this are added the two billion already envisaged in the previous maneuver. dragons. Thus, the Meloni government barely allocates funds for doctors. 600 million euros. Funds withheld inadequate trade unions, medical orders, experts, as well as regions. Especially for one reason. Increaseinflation it will eat the entire increment, which in practice will result in cut money for health care. With less money nothing left for medical and nursing staff. “In 2023, there will certainly be more resources allocated to health care, but for bills, vaccines and drugs against COVID-19 not for services and staff. Nothing for the labor contract for 2019-2021, which provides for an increase equal to a third of the current inflation rate and no funding for 2022-2024″, denounce the trade union organizations of doctors, veterinarians and health leaders. Thus, the alarm was sounded and Philip RingsPresident of the National Federation of Medical Orders (Fnomceo), will a leak from hospitals: “We risk bleeding many doctors who will leave the NHS, attracted Early retirementfrom proposals fromabroad and from private“. Huge risk because Italian healthcare is already understaffed and because the reform 7.1 billion expected from Poland an increase in the number of doctors, nurses and health workers will be required. Otherwise, it will be an empty box.

In particular, the Meloni government’s first maneuver project provides for another two billion in 2023 and the same amount in 2024 to finance health care. Next year, 1.4 billion will be earmarked to cover higher costs caused by rising energy prices. Then they are distributed 650 millionagain in 2023, for purchase vaccine and gods drugs anti covid. But another aspect is strongly criticized we are talking about the means that the centre-right executive branch has provided to the workers emergency roomcategory perhaps most affected COVID-19. In fact, the Meloni government allocated another 200 million per permission first aid, but only as of 2024. Zero next year. Another choice that unions interpret as an insult. Because of this Anaao – chimo-fesmed –aaroi-emak –fassid – fp cgil doctors and managers ssn — veterinary medical federation fvm — uil fpl – Tsisl doctors – express worry and add: “Le working conditions medical, veterinary and medical leaders who have become unbearablealso because of the pandemic that has not yet passed, feed one state of crisis public health, which reduced the NHS to terminally ill“.

” mass shoots professionals along with dissatisfaction and this dissatisfied of those who do not run, say the trade unions, they sound the alarm, which, however, does not reach the ears minister health He was born in government what they don’t see the workforce has been drastically reduced in the blink of an eye to such an extent that it jeopardizes citizens’ access to prevention and treatment, as well as their quality and safety. “We need – unions are raising – investments for salary and for hiringsince the lack of specialists cannot be filled by cooperatives symbolic doctors, who are paid three times as much for the same work as employees and are satisfied with a flat tax, which also pushes the difference in contributions to an unacceptable level. NHS medical, veterinary and medical leaders, in the absence of immediate and specific signals, are therefore announcing excited state and “all necessary initiatives to protect and protect public health and the performance of its human capital”. Even Anelli (Fnomceo) denounces the risk of doctors “leaving the National Health Service en masse.” The President of the Federation of Medical Orders calls for at least 2 billion “to be used completely to increase salary physicians and healthcare workers.” “Therefore we ask I commit by the government to completely limit these resources for medical personnel,” adds Anelli. The situation, he warns, is really like this.”emergency: the medical profession, especially emergency physicians and general practitioners, is becoming increasingly less attractive. This forces many physicians to leave the national health care system. So either we intervene with emergency measures or we will see unstoppable outcome“.

And even the regions scold that the allocated funds are not enough. Another two billion pledged by Prime Minister Meloni for health “absolutely they are not enough“, warns the president of the region of Apulia Michele Emiliano, ’cause every year for the simple fact that I expenses they increaseanother 2 billion used to be afraid of healthcare at the same level last year but from this year very high inflation and they have grown a lot. energy costsbasically have one decline belonging effective financing the Italian health care system, and it’s good that the government is talking about it clearly“. “You can’t say that we are growing by 2 billion, because the growth is less than inflation differential which is being created,” said Emiliano on the sidelines Conference of the Regions. And it’s a concept that governors share outsidepolitical affiliationas evidenced by the text that the President of the Conference of the Regions of the Friulian Northern League Maximilian Fedrigahe sent to the Ministry of Health before the budget law: “Between expensive energy, superinflation and Covid spending, healthcare has opened hole worth 3.4 billion euros”, – says the letter, signed by all presidents, both center-left and center-right. Therefore, the money allocated by the Meloni government will not be enough. And in these conditions, the Regionals have always warned, “it becomes difficult to provide best care everyone, reduce waiting lists and hire the medical workers needed to ensure that new public houses and hospitals in the area do not remain empty boxes“.

The world of science and research is also protesting the lack of investment in health care. “Public health is still not among the country’s priorities, despite the huge critical challenges that have arisen in connection with the pandemic,” he emphasizes. Nino Bellotta Mapthe president Foundation Gimbe. In Italy, Cartabellotta notes, “the public health scale less by 12.7 billion euros. compared with average European, but in addition to resources, we need a systemic vision and bold reforms.” According to President Gimbe, critical issues are increasingly jeopardizing the constitutional right to health, “resulting in refusal of treatment and unacceptably inequalities, not only regional, in access to services and innovations”. According to Cartabellotta, without a radical transition to an adequate level of resources, the national health system is “doomed to stunted survival what will end crumbleslowly but surely, a model of public, equitable and universal healthcare, the backbone of our democracy.” inAdnkronos Salute Maria Rita GismondoDirector of the Laboratory of Clinical Microbiology, Virology and Emergency Diagnostics of the Sacco Hospital in Milan, asks to turn on the reverse gear, because otherwise “it will be impossible placid leadership of the National Health Service.”

AT open letter addressed to the new government the day after the political elections, Gismondo drew up a “list desires” wishing, among other things, to invest in future countries. And will appear soon gigantic reform Italian healthcare, one of the main points Polandwhich should be fully operational in 2026 and which operates 7.1 billion euros. The reform is aimed at updating the territorial health care with the introduction health districts and some public houses which will have the task of reducing unauthorized access to emergency room and hospitals were freed from the burden of treating all the sick, even those who did not need medical supervision. Covid exposed everything fragility filter to be carried out by general practitioners, and, more generally, the lack of territorial assistance. To strengthen it, thanks to the means Poland they will be born new objects, less but more capillaries, greet citizens in search of first aid. But, as the regions themselves have denounced in recent months, it will take other doctors, other nurses and other healthcare workers to make the reform work. If resources are already dwindling, the future of new hires becomes a mirage. With the risk that the opportunity presented by Pnrr will turn into a boomerang for Italian healthcare.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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