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Pd, Orlando takes time: “Apply for me? The topic is not names, there is a risk of weakening the Constituent Assembly, which is already under the threat of a short circuit”

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On the day of the official start of the journey, from the meeting of the Directorate of PD Constituent The Democratic Party has those who, like the parties of the left, are still undecided on how to position themselves before the next convention.

If you support the President of the Emilia-Romagna region, Stefano Bonacchinialready in the field, already the entire reformist Base, the current of the former Rencians led by Lorenzo Guerini and Luca Lotti, as well as the “Orfinians” and people close to Graziano Delrio, there are those who, in order to take sides , wait for the race of the new deputy Ellie Schleinfrom a former secretary Nicola Zingarettipassing through Dario Franceschini himself, who, with his AreaDem, seems ready to support the former leader of Occupy Pd.

But it’s there to the left of Bettini and Orlando stay put undecided. Outgoing Deputy Secretary of State Giuseppe Provenzano appears to be moving in the direction of supporting Schlein, while former Labor Secretary Andrea Orlando has been debating whether to run or not for weeks. While the ex-minister insists on convening a Constituent Assembly, which risks, he warns, remaining only on paper: competition in the moment cooperation risks that determine the inevitable short circuit. We must work together to avoid these risks and not derail this project. In addition to the rules and what is written in the procedure, to promote points of discussion as often as possible and to encourage more people, even those who are far from the Democratic Party, to participate and have their say, is a sign of humility that allows us to see things through the eyes of those who were further from the Democratic Party. us. These people should not only be listened to, but also taken into account,” he explains.

However, an unknown factor remains his possible participation in the secretariat in the first person:apply? The theme is not in the names, adding them only runs the risk of weakening this Constituent Phase, which, as I already see, is thinning out,” he snaps. A race that, however, remains difficult for the moment: “Names on the field? All of them are noticeable, we will evaluate according to the results of the discussion (the one that is by topic, ed.) which has not yet developed.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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