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Sumahoro on La7: “My wife with luxury bags? No embarrassment, there is a right to elegance. How have I lived so far? I wrote a book”

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“I did not know. And if I knew that, I wouldn’t be running for president.” Thus, the Verdian-Italian leftist parliamentarian, trade unionist for agricultural workers, Abubakar Sumahororeplied to Corrado Formigli, Clean sweepabout on wages not paid to employees the cooperative of his wife and mother-in-law and the fact that part of his family opened a resort in Rwanda. “Her wife post a photo with Louis Vuitton bags and clothes the journalist continued, “didn’t it seem a little inappropriate to the role that you play, that is, the protection of the poorest?”. “He didn’t make me do not be embarrassed, there is a right to elegancebut, the right to fashion,” answered the deputy, “fashion is neither black nor white, it is human.” And to how he still lives (the family bought a villa with a mortgage for 270 thousand euros), Sumahoro replied:i wrote a book. There is access to mortgage documents, everything is transparent. I bought a house with my wife.”

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Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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