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The potential of your company deserves superpowers

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It’s no coincidence that the Salesforce platform leads the way in virtually every market it operates in. His highly specialized team with deep knowledge of the business world allows him to create innovative solutions for a wide variety of management and CRM needs. On the other hand, a close relationship with the client is in itself an engine to create new features and updates.

Company and consumer, close connection

E-commerce continues to grow, which opens up new opportunities every day. But this growth, on the other hand, also brings new challenges, such as the frequency and time at which ads must be shown to the same user. For example: if we know how to determine that a certain person is looking for a certain product, we need to know when he has already bought it, and make sure that the same ad stops appearing in his navigation. At the risk of damage to our image and, even worse, worthless investments. This is where Salesforce platform integration solutions come in handy. Especially since in the era of personalization we live in, the consumer expects the brand to know them to the point where they know what they are looking for now. It doesn’t matter that you know what he already has.

Tell me where you’ve been and I’ll tell you who you are

The consumer can be on any platform. In fact, you can use almost all of them at the same time, because the devices you use are the same for work or leisure. Salesforce’s omnichannel approach can integrate all data from all platforms created by the same consumer. This information is thus translated into empathy, paving the way for healthy multi-platform and multi-channel relationships. Do you want better? So keep reading this article to learn more about Salesforce superpowers and don’t miss the final review.

i know who you are

What do you know about your client? Do you still believe that consumer habits are stable? Today, everything is changing at breakneck speed and it is always necessary to be aware of what the consumer wants and is looking for. A 360º view of the customer, knowing his path and trends is the key to the success of a company or brand. And this is another opportunity that Salesforce offers by putting the customer at the center of the business, not as a transaction. This is the only way to personalize the sale, make the buyer happy and ensure his loyalty.

Are there superpowers?

So far, this article has told you about the superpowers that Salesforce can create in your company and offer to your team. And the practical application of these superpowers should be as simple and organic as possible, becoming part of the corporate culture. The impact these superpowers can have on a company’s potential was explained and demonstrated at the Salesforce Day held in Lisbon last April, the highlights of which you can view here. And what, in general, is this:

Sympathy: the super ability to recognize the buyer, know what he is looking for, and have a close relationship with him, providing him with a pleasant shopping experience;

Personalization: the ability to make the client feel like an integral part of the company or brand;

Loyalty: a pleasant task of keeping the client active;

multichannel: it gives you the advantage of integrating multi-channel information to make customer relationships consistent across channels and environments;

Clairvoyance: as the name suggests, it’s a superpower that gives you a clear view of what’s important to the client and the business.

Digital and sustainable transformation

In short, the Salesforce platform can accelerate your company’s digital transformation at multiple levels, from Service Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud to team performance. All of this, while being carbon neutral and environmentally friendly, simplifies traditionally complex processes.

As we said at the beginning of this text, it is no coincidence that this platform is the leader in almost all the markets in which it operates. Its solutions provide superior customer relationship management (CRM) offline and offline, and it is even possible to build custom tools focused on optimizing user experience and company productivity. All this on a sustainable basis and in line with the commitments and values ​​it upholds: trust both in relationships with the client and in communication with all stakeholders; Customer success, on which the success of Salesforce itself depends, which strives to be a reliable consultant in terms of digital transformation; Innovation with 4 yearly updates of all its products, allowing it to provide the latest technology and the most appropriate mindset for breakthrough systems; Equality is a fundamental value for Salesforce, for which a culture of equality is not only right, but also smart. Because it allows you to innovate, build close relationships with customers, and in short, become a better company; and sustainability.

2022 innovation day lisboa

Salesforce believes that business is the best platform for change and strives not only to do its core business well, but to do it well. He is committed to the community, has sustainability plans, and has developed a 1-1-1 model that forces him to donate 1% of his products, 1% of his capital, and 1% of his time. Since its inception, Salesforce has donated more than $500 million worth of products to more than 55,000 institutions, its employees have offered more than 7 million hours of volunteer work, and the company has been responsible for planting 43 million trees over the past two years as part of its environmental campaigns. And more importantly, since the launch of 1-1-1, more than 50,000 companies have replicated it. During Innovation Day last July, Denis Therrien, CEO of Salesforce Europe, had the opportunity to explain all of these aspects and values ​​in detail. You can see it here.

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