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Landini criticizes Maneuver: “It brings back insecurity and winks at tax evaders. We are ready to mobilize with Cisl and Uil.”

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The Secretary General of CGIL is a full-flowing river against the choice of the Meloni government. These measures, he told La Stampa, “outline the retreat of our country.” All-Out Attack: “When brotherhood and solidarity are needed, they abolish citizenship income and reward tax evaders. The point is that they are smarter than those who dodge.”

It defines it “wrong” because “it affects the most poor and increases unreliability re-introduction of vouchers”. In short: “He does not interfere with wage pandemic and it doesn’t help those who need to work.” Not only: “They reward tax evaders”. For this, for its part, the proposal will come to cisl As well as Wil: “Let’s mobilize.” Maurizio Landinigeneral secretary VGILit’s a raging river against choice Meloni government contained in Maneuver. measures, says A. Seal“outlineflee our country”. All-out attack: “When brotherhood and solidarity are needed, they cancel basic income As well as evading remuneration. The point is that the smart ones run away.” Worse: “One wrong culturea slap in the face to those who paid taxes.

Moreover, he recalls, the government promised to listen to me. labor unions. But this did not happen: “We offered subtract increase in national contracts and assign them by legislative means a total value, thereby authorizing minimal salary and governing rights for all forms of work. You can’t handle all of this.” According to the CGIL leader, in this way “the country is retreating” also because “an undeclared war on tax evaders” and “we are still forgive disguised”. Farewell to acceptance obligation checked in budget law micropayments with electronic instruments and was raised to 5 thousand euros. money cap: “Fighting evasion means keeping track of all payments, not increasing the circulation of cash. In the digital age, this is possible. No political will.

And, surprisingly, there was also a return voucher for on-call work: “This means that in Agriculturein tourism And in Services, replaced contractual and warranty work. Insecurity is on the rise,” Landini said. “These,” he attacks again, “go back. They turn people and work back into a commodity that can be bought and sold.” There Fornero Law- he continues, – “always the same as before”, and meanwhile the government “does not think about a guaranteed pension for young and for those who have intermittent career and poor.” Covers? The CGIL secretary presses the usual key: “Tax all additional profit and ask contribution extraordinary of solidarity to those who have profited in all sectors to contribute to the common good.”

Following the union leader’s interview, CGIL repeated the same concepts in a note asking for “a confrontation with all political forces” and “significant changes” government and parliament, stressing that “we will evaluate and propose to the CISL and UIL all necessary mobilization initiatives.” With a flat tax, emphasizes the union, “iniquity tax system” and the Budget Law “does not interfere structurally in wage pandemic which impoverishes all people who must be able to work decently in order to live, effectively reduces the resources needed to support healthcare, school and public transport”.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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