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Bonaccini: “Basic income should not be abolished, it exists in all Western countries. pd? Let’s not leave the center-left to the M5 and the third pole.”

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“It seems to me that this is a maneuver that does not really make any real choice, but is a series of very partial elections that contradicts most of the things that were voiced during the election campaign. I think it’s a trick“. He said it Stefano BonacchiniPresident of Emilia-Romagna and Candidate for the Secretariat Pd on the sidelines of the XX Coldiretti Forum Rome. “A maneuver that, by the way,” he continued, “in terms of assistance, is unlikely to help get to next spring from an energy point of view. For example, in healthcare, I have not yet figured out how much and what kind of funds for healthcare, we expected a strong addition to the funds already allocated.” “On the Income from citizenship is also surprising explained Bonacchini, “because it goes to remove the subsidy from 600,000 people in a few months to guarantee a minimum of dignity to those who are in poverty, I have always said that it should be changed because it gave almost no one a job, but that it should be abolished, no.” In addition, Bonacchini on the tax wedge “needed to cut a lot more than intervene in a flat tax that just makes me laugh“.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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