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Fact checking. Tesla Launches New Help Families Get Rich?

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An article circulating on social media announces a “special report” that Tesla has launched a new platform “aimed at helping families get rich” – BTC iFex 360. The text appears to have been published in the Jornal de Notícias (JN) online publication, but the URL refers to the shadowlightphoto.com domain. In addition to mimicking the JN website design, this The alleged news is also accompanied by the logos of the magazines Saturday, Observer and Diário da República Eletrônico. (DRE).

The text explains how Tesla decided to launch a project to help families given the global financial crisis. The column on the right shows the profits generated by readers using the platform allegedly created by the company, which range from 5,000 to 57,000 euros. The alleged news also features an “exclusive interview” with Tesla founder Elon Musk, who talks about easy earnings on investments in cryptocurrencies.

At the end of the text, it explains step by step how users can use the BTC iFex 360 platform to invest in cryptocurrencies and earn money, as well as a form where you need to register a first name, last name and email address. .

When you open a link shared on social networks, a few signs that we are reading fake news which is trying to pass off as a reliable article from the Jornal de Notícias.

Address does not match to the jn.pt domain, but to shadowlightphoto.com. Through the Wayback Machine website, where the Internet Archive can be viewed, we were able to understand that in April 2003, this URL belonged to a photosite.

The use of the Saturday, Observer, and DRE logos is indicative of an attempt to make this alleged news credible. Nonetheless, searching the JN, Observer, Saturday, and DRE archives reveals that there are no results that mention BTC iFex 360. is an alleged platform created by Tesla to enrich families. In addition, all links provided in the article (including the comment box) lead to the end of the corresponding page – a form to start registering and investing in the platform.


The analyzed article encourages readers transfer personal data when registering on the platform to earn money by investing in bitcoin🇧🇷 The alleged news is published on a page that imitates the page of the JN online publication and implies that the text has already been published in other reliable media, but it is not possible to find this news in the quoted newspapers🇧🇷 There are several characteristics of the page that indicate that we are facing fake news, among them the fact that the URL belongs to a domain that was registered in April 2003 as a photography site.

Thus, according to the Observer classification system, this content is:


In the Facebook rating system, this content looks like this:

FALSE: the underlying content claims are factually inaccurate. This option usually corresponds to “false” or “mostly false” ratings on fact-checking sites.

NOTE: This content has been selected by Observer as part of a fact-checking partnership with Facebook.

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Source: Observador

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