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The Sumahoro case, Fratoianni and Bonelli’s self-defense on TV. From “I don’t regret the choice” to “who would know, could tell us”

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The two Alleanza Verdi Sinistra leaders talked for another half an hour, in an interview with Lucia Annunziata, about the cooperatives run by the deputy’s wife and mother-in-law. “But who knew there was a deal with Sumahoro,” says the secretary of the Italian left.

Nicola Fratoianni says he does not regret the choice, Angelo Bonelli blames those who knew, but did not raise the issue of canceling the candidacy in time. Those who expected the responsibility of the two leaders of the Alliance of the Green Left in the case of Sumahoro to be recognized were disappointed by the responses to Lucia Announced on air Another half an hour on Rai Tre. Abubakar Sumahorothe image of an electoral cartel, along with Ilaria Cucchi and elected to the Chamber of Deputies, is at the center of a scandal (in which it is not being investigated) involving cooperatives run by wife and mother-in-law Sumahoro himself: employees who report mistreatment and, above all, non-payments, to which are added suspicious reports of anti-money laundering on the checking accounts of two women. Not secondary is the fact that the cooperatives in question were engaged in “reception and integration services in the territory of asylum seekers, political refugees and immigrants”: the themes on which Sumahoro built his public image through anti-corporate battles and against exploitation, up to the creation of the “Union of Workers”.

Inevitably, therefore, beyond media excuses Sumahoro himself (tra tears on facebook and claimsthe right to elegance and fashion” as an excuse for his wife’s standard of living, which did not quite match the economic difficulties he spoke to the workers about), that the cue would go to the two political leaders who nominated him. Could they not know? Did they repent? On the first issue, the Italian Left component is broken because there are those who claim to have warned Fratoianni but were not heard, long before the elections. “But who knew that it was the Sumahoro affair,” Fratoianni answers, “but what did I know? If I have a report, it casts doubt on the candidacy of a man who fought big fights and solidified the ground for work on the issue of migrants and on the issue of the ghetto. No real self-criticism on responsibilities in choice ruling class:I don’t regret my choice”, he states. “I hope that the development of this story will lead to a solution, and I will make sure that those who continue to work on this front are protected.”

The line of another “shareholder” of Alleanza Verdi Sinistra, Angelo Bonelli, was different, as he admitted that he had “committed frivolity”. In an interview with Rai Tre does not hide pain, but blames those who “did not know and did not say anything” in the period from August 10 to 21, that is, between the nomination of a candidate and the drawing up of the lists. “When we decided to nominate him, we did it because, as activists, we thought that we were opening up and demonstrating that parties are not a closed matter, if someone has something to say such serious things, they will not do it for 10 days. Nobody asked a question. Those who knew should have said it then, not after the fact.. When we submitted the candidacy of Abubakar on August 10, if anyone knew that there were circumstances that did not recommend nominating this candidacy, they might have said so.” In short, Fratoianni and Bonelli declare their ignorance of the controversial aspects of their leading candidate. Even if this version is weighed down by the accusation of the leaders of the Italian left, who write in the letter: “The Xi secretariat was well aware of this long before the nomination.”

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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