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Ischia, controversy over the yellow-green state law. Conte: “Just a simplification.” Renzi: “It was an amnesty, as it is written in the law”

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The day after the tragedy, a trial was held according to the rule contained in the decree on the Genoese bridge, approved in 2018 by the then government of the M5s-League. Former prime minister: “We faced a total blockade, we tried to unblock the existing situation without deviating from hydrogeological restrictions.” Note from 5 stars: Looting against us, amnesties were from the governments of Craxi and Berlusconi. The government of Conte 1 only asked for speedy responses to citizens”

Unauthorized construction issue returns to revive political controversy the day after the tragedy of Ischia. On the island of Campania, a wave of bad weather caused landslide which made at least 8 confirmed victims a Casamicciola. And while in Ischia people are still digging in the dirt, the rule contained in the decree on this matter holds the court Genoese bridgeapproved in 2018 by the then government yellow green. To interview Joseph Conte on point was Lucia Annunziata, during the broadcast Another half an hour to Paradise 3. “I appreciate it because you have read article 25 of the bridge decree, but I tell you that it wasn’t a pardon at all. This is one of the first dossiers that we approached with a sense of responsibility, trying to unblock the existing situation. without derogation from hydrogeological restrictions”, – answered the former prime minister. Who then defined this norm as “one simplification procedure“.

Conte version – The M5 leader insisted on this: “The 2018 amnesty was by no means an amnesty. We are faced with common block. We ended up in Ischia with requests for amnesty about 27 thousand houses out of about 60,000 houses on the island. There were requests for me earthquake damage (link to 2017 earthquake) for 1100 housesto attempt accelerate these practices Article 25 was introduced, which this is not forgiveness but defined the procedure in the light existing legislation research these practicesgive answer”. Conte’s statement, however, is heavily criticized by Matthew Renzi and from Charles Kalenda: “Conte says that the position of Ischia was not an amnesty. Article 25 of it decree of law speak directly about amnesty procedures on the island of Ischia. Giuseppe Conte should be ashamed!” the leader of Italy says live.

What was in the decree – In fact, it is true that the title of article 25 of the decree adopted in 2018 is:Definition of amnesty procedures”. This provision provides that the municipalities of Casamicciola, Lacco Ameno and Forio d’Ischia were to complete “processes aimed at studying the aforementioned requests for clemency’ within six months. The amnesty statements are those cited by Conte concerning buildings destroyed or damaged 2017 earthquakeand which was granted in accordance with the three amnesties that took place between 1985 and 2003 governments Bettino Craxi As well as Silvio Berlusconi. But when transforming the decree law, an amendment was made, which provided for the obligation to receive an estimate for determining applications for amnesty favorable opinion body protecting landscape limitation. Even in the same decree, among other things, it was established that the procedure for providing contributions should besubject to acceptance of requests”, but it was indicated that this contribution “this does not apply to the part concerning any increase in the volume subject to amnesty”.

Nugnes story: “Louis wanted it” –But in the summer of 2018, how Article 25 worked in Ischia in Genoese decree? “Luigi absolutely wants amnesty for Ischia’, so I was told in the Legislative Assembly when I introduced overwhelming correctionI remember the call very well, he came to me with threats that I was on a train, and these words made me flinch from the tone,” he wrote on social networks after the tragedy. Paola Nugnesformer senator 5 stars. The Luigi in question is apparently Di Maio, then Deputy Prime Minister and 5 star political leader. “I tried to explain the consequences of this choice in all forums,” he continued, “but each time, both legislative and the message that Deputy Secretary of State Vito Crimi, after listening to what seemed attentive to me, answered me: we do not know anything about this, we know that he absolutely wants it Luigi di Mayo“.
5 star note: “Condoms from other governments.” In the evening, 5-Star Movement intervened with a note explaining that “one person is registered during these hours.” political speculation and media with few precedents. Support – as some press organs do – what Government of Conte I led to an amnesty in Ischia only because article 25 of the 2018 decree is entitled “definition of procedures I forgive’ is instrumental and does not honor the right to one correct information citizens. It was not introduced in this legislation no new pardons but only one path was set for speed up the definition of practices started over many years and allowing certain answers issues related to amnesties were resolved by previous executors.” Then 5 stars replay the facts: “Amnesties in Ischia were approved government escape As well as Berlusconi. The Conte government, the note continues, faced an emergency in 2018. earthquake victims and their requests for help in rebuilding their homes. Faced with this emergency, Conte I’s government established a very simple thing, namely: amnesty procedures since previous years and decades, the state has been obliged speed up responses: a yes or no to citizens after 6 months, subject to existing restrictions (landscape, hydrogeological, etc.). Illegal practices are spread by the inertia of the state, and in 2018 the competent municipalities and administrations were told to speed up procedures and responses, as well as by refusing – in case of violation of restrictions – the amnesty practice initiated by the decisions. other governments.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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