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We are smaller and poorer. Does Portugal have a future? Call 910024185 and start live streaming on Contra-Current

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If the forecasts of the European Union are confirmed, in 2024 Portugal will overtake Romania in terms of GDP per capita. The results of the 2021 census show that the country is shrinking, Portugal’s population declined by 2.1% in a decade.

This Monday we want to know the opinion of our listeners on this topic. Is Portugal a country that still has a future, or are we doomed to age-old backwardness?

unfortunate state

From 10:10 to 12:00 you can express your opinion and talk live with Jose Manuel Fernandez and Helena Matos. Simply register by calling 910024185. You can also send a recorded voice message of less than 2 minutes via Whatsapp to 910024185. If you wish, you can leave a written comment on this article, which will be read live. And you can also send an email with your opinion to listener@observador.pt.

Portugal at the tail of Europe

You can listen to the program live by clicking here. You can also listen to Rádio Observador on FM, on 93.7 or 98.7 in Greater Lisbon; at 98.4 in the Grand Port and Minho; and at 88.1 in the Aveiro region. The show will be available as a podcast here.

Source: Observador

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